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Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas

Is your company holiday party entertainment lacking excitement? Don’t settle for another dull affair! Welcome to the ultimate guide to corporate office holiday party entertainment ideas.

We specialize in turning ordinary events into extraordinary celebrations that will have your guests talking long after the festivities end. Whether you’re planning an office Christmas party or an end-of-year bash, we’ve got the perfect holiday party entertainment solutions to make your event truly memorable.

Get ready to inject some life into your corporate holiday party celebration with our exciting lineup of events.

Our diverse range of performers is here to bring the magic to life! From clean comedians to mesmerizing magicians, we’ve curated a lineup that’s sure to delight every type of audience. So without further ado, let’s dive into the incredible entertainment options we offer!

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Holiday Party Ideas

18 Unforgettable Office Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas

Now that we’ve listed some entertainment performers available for the office holiday party, let’s explore how we can incorporate them into unforgettable company holiday party ideas. From laughter-filled comedy nights to enchanting galas and interactive game shows, we’ll discover creative ways to make the most of these entertainers and elevate your corporate celebration to new heights!

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  1. Host a Laughter-Filled Comedy Night

    Kick off your office holiday party with a laughter-filled comedy night featuring our talented clean comedians. With their side-splitting humor and knack for keeping things light and engaging, they’ll set the perfect tone for an unforgettable evening of laughter and camaraderie. Perfect for fostering team bonding and creating lasting memories, a comedy night is sure to be a hit with colleagues of all ages.

  2. Host an Enchanting Gala Celebration

    Elevate your company holiday party into a mystical gala with captivating performances by skilled magicians and mentalists. With mind-bending tricks and illusions that defy explanation, your colleagues will be left spellbound and talking about the event for years to come.

  3. Host an Interactive Game Show

    Elevate your office holiday party with an interactive game show extravaganza! From trivia challenges to brain-teasing puzzles, our game shows guarantee to ignite the competitive spirit in your colleagues and keep everyone entertained. With engaging hosts, exciting prizes, and ample opportunities for team bonding, it’s the ideal way to create lasting memories and foster camaraderie among your team.

  4. Host a Magical Holiday Celebration

    Transport your colleagues away to a magical winter wonderland for a holiday celebration that promises to enchant and entertain. With themed entertainment, festive decorations, and delicious seasonal treats, this immersive experience will evoke the holiday spirit and leave lasting memories. Whether it’s a snowy landscape, twinkling lights, or cozy fireplaces, our magical winter wonderland ensures your office holiday party will be truly unforgettable.

  5. Host a Casino Royale Night at Your Office Holiday Party

    Infuse your office holiday party with the excitement of Las Vegas through a thrilling Casino Royale Night. With poker, blackjack, and roulette tables, your colleagues will feel like high rollers as they try their luck. This high-energy entertainment option offers friendly competition, exciting prizes, and ample opportunities for socializing, adding a dash of excitement to your celebration.

  6. Host a Whimsical Ventriloquist Show at Your Company Holiday Party

    Add laughter and whimsy to your office holiday party with a delightful ventriloquist show guaranteed to leave everyone in stitches. Our talented performers bring charming characters, hilarious banter, and interactive routines to entertain audiences of all ages, creating unforgettable memories. Their unique blend of comedy and ventriloquism will sprinkle magic over your event, leaving everyone smiling from ear to ear.

  7. Set Up a Crafting Corner DIY Station at Your Office Holiday Party

    Spark your colleagues’ creativity with a crafting corner DIY station at your office holiday party. Whether they’re crafting personalized decorations or handmade gifts, this hands-on activity is bound to be a hit. With the provided materials and ample inspiration, guests can unleash their imaginations and create something truly unique. From team-building exercises to individual expressions of creativity, a crafting corner DIY station adds a personal touch to your celebration.

  8. Set Up a Snapshot Memories Photo Booth

    Make your office holiday party unforgettable with a Snapshot Memories Photo Booth, guaranteed to be a hit with colleagues of all ages. With customizable props and backdrops, guest can strike hilarious poses and snap photos to commemorate the occasion. From solo shots to group pictures, everyone will enjoy creating fun memories together and taking home personalized souvenirs. With instant prints and digital copies available, the Snapshot Memories Photo Booth captures the fun and ensures your holiday party is a night to remember.

  9. Host a Winter Wonderland Carnival

    Elevate your company holiday party with a Winter Wonderland Carnival, creating a festive atmosphere that’s fun for the whole team. Featuring classic carnival games like ring toss and balloon darts, as well as festive activities like face painting and cookie decorating, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With prizes up for grabs and memories to be made, a Winter Wonderland Carnival adds excitement and joy to your holiday celebration.

  10. Host an Office Cruise Casino Night

    Set sail on an unforgettable nautical adventure with an office cruise casino night that promises excitement for all your colleagues. Against the backdrop of a scenic winter landscape, indulge in the thrill of casino games like poker, blackjack, and roulette. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a casual player, everyone will enjoy the excitement of a casino night on the water.

  11. Host an Enchanted Forest Gala at Your Office Holiday Party

    Turn your corporate holiday party into an enchanted forest gala, straight out of a fairy tale. With themed entertainment, mystical decorations, and surprises at every turn, this immersive experience will transport your colleagues to a whimsical world of wonder and delight. From wandering jugglers to magical ventriloquists, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this enchanting event.

  12. Host a Holiday Game Show at Your Office Holiday Party

    Add excitement to your office holiday party with a holiday game show extravaganza that’s fun for everyone. Featuring trivia challenges, physical competitions, and activities for all skill levels and interests, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With lively hosts, enticing prizes, and ample chances for team bonding, a game show extravaganza is the ideal way to infuse your company holiday party with energy and excitement.

  13. Host a Magical Dinner Theater

    Treat your colleagues to an evening of enchantment with a magical dinner theater experience guaranteed to dazzle and delight. As guests savor delicious cuisine, they’ll be captivated by mind-bending tricks and illusions performed right before their eyes. From sleight of hand to mesmerizing mentalism, our skilled magicians and mentalists will leave everyone in awe, crafting unforgettable memories.

  14. Host a Retro Dance Party at Your Office Holiday Party

    Travel back in time and groove to the beat with a retro dance party extravaganza guaranteed to be a hit with your colleagues. From disco fever to rock ‘n’ roll classics, our live bands will keep the dance floor packed and the energy levels high all night long. With a state-of-the-art sound system and dazzling light show, guests will be transported back to the golden age of music and dance.

  15. Host a DJ Dance Party Spectacular at Your Company Holiday Party

    Get ready to party all night long with a DJ dance party spectacular that’s sure to keep the energy levels high and the dance floor packed. With a talented DJ spinning the latest hits and classic favorites, guests will be grooving to the beat and having the time of their lives. With a state-of-the-art sound system and dazzling light show, the atmosphere will be electric, and the memories will be unforgettable.

  16. Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

    Put your detective skills to the test with a murder mystery dinner that’s full of intrigue and suspense. As guests become part of the story, they’ll work together to solve the crime and uncover the culprit. With interactive performances by actors and immersive storytelling, everyone will be on the edge of their seats until the very end.

  17. Host a Talent Show at Your Holiday Party

    Give your colleagues the chance to shine with a talent show extravaganza that’s full of surprises and excitement. From singing and dancing to magic tricks and stand-up comedy, there’s no limit to the talent on display. With engaging performances and enthusiastic applause, everyone will feel like a star at this unforgettable event.

  18. Host a Virtual Holiday Party Entertainment Experience

    For a remote holiday celebration, consider hosting a virtual holiday party entertainment experience that promises fun for everyone. Explore options like virtual trivia, game shows, comedians, and magicians to keep your colleagues entertained and engaged. With interactive experiences and ample opportunities for laughter and enjoyment, a virtual holiday party is an ideal way to celebrate the season and forge lasting memories with your team.
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Types of Entertainment

Types of Entertainment

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Interactive Performances for Corporate Holiday Party

Interactive Performances for Company Holiday Party

Corporate holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to engage attendees with interactive performances that spark laughter and camaraderie. Consider incorporating the following interactive entertainment options into corporate holiday party ideas:

  1. Clean Comedians for Engaging Corporate Holiday Event

    Keep the laughter flowing with our talented clean comedians. Perfect for office holiday party settings, they deliver side-splitting humor that creates a positive and inclusive atmosphere for your event. Clean comedians are the perfect choice to elevate your corporate holiday entertainment with wholesome laughs and memorable moments.

  2. Amazing Magicians & Mentalists for Mesmerizing Office Holiday Party

    Add an element of wonder and excitement to your company’s holiday party with our skilled magicians and mentalists. Their mind-bending tricks and illusions will captivate your audience, sparking curiosity and conversation among attendees. With our amazing magicians and mentalists, your holiday party entertainment will be nothing short of magical.

  3. Jugglers for Energetic Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment

    Impress your guests and add an element of excitement to your office holiday party with our talented jugglers. Their dazzling feats and interactive performances will leave a lasting impression, energizing your event and fostering engagement among attendees. Our jugglers bring unique energy and skill to your company’s holiday party entertainment, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

Musical Performances for Company Holiday Party

Live Music and Bands for the Business Holiday Party Celebration

Set the mood and get guests grooving with live music and bands that cater to various tastes and preferences. Here are some options to consider.

  1. Bands and Unique Musical Acts for Dynamic Holiday Party Entertainment

    Elevate the atmosphere of your office holiday party with our fantastic selection of bands and unique musical acts. From lively cover bands to mesmerizing instrumentalists, our performers can cater to any musical taste. Their dynamic performances energize the crowd and fill the room with infectious energy, ensuring that everyone gets into the holiday spirit and enjoys the festivities to the fullest.

  2. Acoustic Performers for Intimate Holiday Party Vibes

    For a more intimate setting, consider hiring acoustic performers who can serenade guests with soulful melodies and stripped-down versions of popular songs. Their soothing music creates a relaxed and cozy ambiance, perfect for fostering meaningful conversations and connections among colleagues. Whether playing background music or taking center stage, acoustic performers add a touch of warmth and intimacy to your corporate holiday party.</p.

Holiday Themed Performances for Office Holiday Party

Holiday Themed Entertainment for the Office Party

Add a touch of excitement and intrigue to your corporate holiday party with themed entertainment that transports guests to another world. Here are some themed office entertainment party ideas to consider.

  1. Casino Nights for High-Energy Holiday Party Fun

    Bring the thrill of Las Vegas to your office holiday party event with casino nights featuring poker tables, blackjack, and roulette. This high-energy entertainment option encourages interaction and friendly competition among guests, creating an exhilarating atmosphere that keeps everyone engaged and entertained throughout the evening. Whether seasoned gamblers or casual players, attendees will relish the opportunity to try their luck and enjoy the excitement of a casino experience.

  2. Ventriloquists for Laughter-Filled Office Holiday Party Memories

    Bring laughter and surprises to your company holiday party with our talented ventriloquists. Their captivating performances combine comedy and ventriloquism, creating an unforgettable experience for your own party guests everywhere. With their charming characters and hilarious banter, ventriloquists captivate audiences of all ages, injecting humor and whimsy into your event. Their interactive routines and audience participation ensure that everyone feels involved and entertained, making your office holiday party truly memorable.

Interactive Activities for Holiday Party

Interactive Activities for Company Holiday Party

Elevate your office holiday party with interactive activities that encourage creativity and socialization. Consider incorporating the following interactive experiences:

  1. Photo Booths for Memorable Office Holiday Party

    Capture lasting memories with photo booths equipped with customizable props. This interactive experience encourages guests and colleagues to create fun memories together, offering unforgettable corporate holiday party entertainment while preserving cherished moments.

  2. Roving and Interactive Acts for Engaging Holiday Party

    Engage everyone with roving entertainers who provide up-close entertainment. From magic tricks to interactive games, these performers add excitement to your corporate holiday party, leaving a lasting impression on guests and colleagues alike.

Virtual Parties

Virtual Holiday Party Entertainment

Strolling Magician Dana Herz

If you’re planning a remote virtual holiday party and searching for the perfect virtual entertainment, we have a variety of acts and ideas ideal for your office holiday event. From virtual trivia, bingo, and other game shows to virtual comedians, magicians, escape rooms, chocolate tasting, mixology, art experiences, and more, we’ve got you covered.

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Choosing the right entertainment for your office holiday party is essential to creating an unforgettable experience for attendees. By incorporating interactive performances, live music and bands, themed entertainment, and interactive activities, you can ensure that your corporate holiday event really stands out and leaves a lasting impression on guests. Explore the suggested entertainment ideas and tailor them to your specific event needs to create a holiday celebration that your team will remember for years to come.



***** 5 stars – Funny Business was able to turn around our request extremely quickly, even around the holidays, and accommodate our request to make the Trivia catered to some company-specific topics in addition to their provided list of topics. We appreciated the quick response and that they made this event very easy on our end, and super fun for our attendees. Thanks again!Katie, LinkedIn
***** 5 stars – Funny Business was great to work with.  They helped me choose a wonderful entertainer for our holiday party.  I had never booked an entertainer like this before and they made every step easy and were there to answer any questions that I had.  It was also great to hear from them the next business day after our party making sure that everything went well. Will definitely work with them again.Sarah Dahl, Hurley Enterprises, Inc.
***** 5 stars – Funny Business Agency is a pleasure to work with in providing entertainment for our corporate holiday party. Jamison always has great recommendations and the entire booking/contact process is always smooth & seamlessJennifer Boyd, Boyd & Sons
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***** 5 stars – Everything about working with Funny Business Agency was fantastic. The team was responsive and helpful and the talent we booked was top-notch. Everything went off without a hitch thanks to the agency’s attention to detail. Our employees loved the event, and we will absolutely be using Funny Business again in the future.Melanie King, Reverse Mortgage Funding
***** 5 stars – The feedback we got from our employees after the event is that it was the “Best holiday party we have ever had!” That credit is owed in large part to you. Thank you for doing your part to help our families know that they are appreciated.Idahoan Foods



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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What types of entertainment options are available for company holiday parties?

There are a wide range of entertainment options for company holiday parties, including live bands, DJs, clean comedians, magicians, game shows, ventriloquists, jugglers, roving act, and themed performers.

Can you provide entertainment for virtual or remote holiday parties?

Absolutely! We understand the need for virtual entertainment options, especially for remote holiday parties. Our talented performers are experienced in engaging virtual audiences and can deliver interactive and exciting experiences through virtual magic shows, live performances, and other virtual entertainment solutions.

Company holiday party entertainment adds a dynamic and festive element to your corporate event. It creates a vibrant atmosphere, boosts employee morale, and fosters a sense of camaraderie among attendees. Whether it’s a live band playing seasonal tunes or interactive performers engaging the crowd, entertainment sets the tone for a memorable and enjoyable event.

What are some popular themes for holiday party entertainment?

Popular themes for holiday party entertainment include winter wonderland, retro holiday, masquerade, Hollywood glamour, and casino night. These themes can be incorporated into the performances, costumes, and overall ambiance to create a cohesive and immersive experience for your guests.

How far in advance should we book holiday party entertainment?

It’s recommended to book your company holiday party entertainment as early as possible to ensure availability and secure your preferred performers. As the holiday season is a busy time for entertainment, it’s best to start planning and booking several months in advance. This allows ample time for consultations, customization, and coordination to make your holiday party entertainment truly exceptional.