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Jeff Civillico

Event Host Emcee

Jeff Civillico is a leading host emcee and takes his renowned clean comedy show to live, virtual, and hybrid corporate events and conferences globally. Having been featured in national publications including Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, Jeff also serves as a Host Personality and Keynote Speaker for major corporations, associations and nonprofit organizations.

Event Host Emcee

Jeff Civillico has served as a Professional Emcee for countless top companies and associations: Disney, OSHA, AT&T, Verizon, Caterpillar, Grainger, AAA, Honeywell, Culver’s, A&W, Rite Aid, Men’s Warehouse, Cisco… the list goes on and on! Jeff’s “10,000 hours” of emcee experience at large-scale conferences has equipped him to handle any situation that may arise at an event. Having someone as experienced and confident as Jeff emcee the show is invaluable.

Why is Jeff Civillico the Ideal Event Emcee?

#1 Jeff has the Experience.

Jeff has served as a professional emcee (virtual emcee and live emcee) multiple years in a row for some of the top companies and associations nationwide including Disney, AT&T, Nestle, Entrepreneurs Organization, and The American Heart Association.

#2 Jeff has the Talent.

Jeff has 90 minutes of clean comedy material from his award-winning Las Vegas live show residency that he can draw on to keep your virtual attendees engaged, entertained and inspired.

#3 Jeff has the Studio & Crew.

Jeff films / streams all of his virtual events from Show Creators Studios in Las Vegas and can accommodate ALL your virtual emcee needs – live streaming and pre-record

Virtual Emcee

A Virtual Emcee engages the audience, keeps the energy up, segues from one presenter to the next, fills in the gaps, adds insights, levity, and VALUE. An experienced, confident, professional emcee is ESSENTIAL to the success of your virtual event.

Why You Need Jeff Civillico To Be Your Virtual Host

  • Jeff has A LOT of experience hosting live events.
  • Jeff has extensive Television and On-Camera experience.

Jeff Civillico - Virtual Host Emcee - Funny Business Agency

Corporate Entertainer

Jeff Civillico has developed his own unique brand of entertainment he calls “Comedy in Action” – a blend of physical comedy, action-packed stunts, and world-class juggling / balancing with friendly audience interaction and insane amount of energy! His highly interactive routines provide the perfect backdrop for his presence and spontaneity, allowing him to really “work the room” and connect with his audience. Every show is clean, so there’s never a worry of offending anyone in the audience, or making any volunteers feel embarrassed.


“Jeff Civillico is the REAL Deal! Jeff is the entire package! He kept our audience engaged from start to finish and his emcee skills were impeccable and absolutely impressive. His flexibility and positive attitude made working with Jeff a breeze and an absolute pleasure. Jeff has a unique talent at making connections with all attendees from entry level employees all the way to c-level executives… our entire team LOVED him and we can’t wait for the opportunity to work with Jeff again!”.  – Melinda Carter , National Sales Strategy Program Manager, Sprint Corporation

Hire Jeff Civillico

Hire Jeff Civillico live or virtual to host for your next event or as a virtual speaker.

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  • Disney Bristol-Myers Squibb Forbes 
  • Wachovia Anheuser-Busch WSJ 
  • Toyota Honda 
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