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Jeff Civillico Juggler
Jeff Civillico balances a ladder on his chin.
Corporate Juggler Entertainment by Jeff Civillico who juggles neon lit bowling pins.
Jeff Civillico rides a unicycle in front of a huge audience.

Jeff Civillico

Virtual Host Emcee

Jeff Civillico: Las Vegas Headliner, Host Personality, Philanthropist

Jeff Civillico recently celebrated a 10-year run on the Las Vegas Strip as a Headliner with Caesars Entertainment at the iconic hotel properties The LINQ, The Flamingo, and The Paris.

His clean, family-friendly “Comedy in Action” show remains highly acclaimed: voted “Best of Las Vegas” three years in a row by the Las Vegas Review Journal, named “Entertainer of the Year” by Vegas Inc, and honored by his fans with a 5-star rating on Yelp, Ticketmaster, and Google.

Jeff now takes his renowned clean comedy show to live, virtual, and hybrid corporate events and conferences globally. Having been featured in national publications including Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, Jeff also serves as a Host Personality and Keynote Speaker for major corporations, associations and nonprofit organizations.

When Jeff is not on stage or on camera, he is working on the continued expansion of his national nonprofit Win-Win Entertainment. Win-Win Entertainment brings smiles to children who need them in hospitals by arranging in-person and virtual visits from performers, athletes, and celebrities.

Jeff Civillico is the PERFECT Choice to Host Your Event

Jeff Civillico has hosted every type of corporate event there is – general sessions, awards banquets, game shows – for dozens of top companies and associations: Disney, OSHA, AT&T, Verizon, Caterpillar, Grainger, AAA, Honeywell, Culver’s, A&W, Rite Aid, Men’s Warehouse, Cisco… the list goes on and on! Jeff’s “10,000 hours” of hosting / performing experience has equipped him to handle any situation that may arise at an event. Having someone as experienced and confident as Jeff to run the show is truly priceless.

3-Day Conferences

“It’s a tough task to keep a virtual training event humming for 6.5 hours, but with the addition of Jeff Civillico as our emcee, we rocked it! His energy, charisma and wittiness added liveliness to the event. He was well prepared and professional. We look forward to having him back again!”~ Lauren Carroll, Events & Marketing Specialist, C2P Enterprises, LLC

1-Hour Meetings

“Our Power Plan meeting got an extra boost of POWER with Jeff Civillico as our host! Whether it’s in person or in the virtual space, he sets the bar for being the best at what he does. And that he comes with the technical back end makes it an even better package!” ~ Karolyn Johnston, Automotive Advertising Sales Manager, RJ Auto, Las Vegas Review Journal

Nonprofit Fundraisers

“Thank you for your amazing contribution to our virtual fundraiser. I loved your energy and how you shared you personal connection to Catholic Charities and made it relevant to our audience. I also appreciated how you rolled with our technical difficulties and were so flexible on the fly. You made it so easy for us!”~ Jennifer Hill, Chief Development Officer at Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada & The St. Vincent’s Programs

Virtual Host & EmceeJeff Civillico - Virtual Host - In Studio - Funny Business Agency

Everyone in the meetings and events industry is talking about how to create impactful virtual experiences right now, and for good reason.  While no one knows when in-person live events will be back in full swing, we do know this: virtual meetings are happening now, virtual meetings will be happening for the foreseeable future, and virtual meetings might well continue being a viable alternative option to in-person meetings for the long-term.  So… LET’S GO VIRTUAL 🙂

Why You Need A Virtual Host

A traditional in-person meeting presents challenges in bringing people together from all over the country or even the world to connect with each other, to network, to learn, to engage.  Now think about how much MORE difficult those challenges will no doubt surely be for a virtual meeting.  It’s going to be more difficult to get and keep attendees’ attention.  It’s going to be more difficult to get attendees to engage with presenters.  It’s going to be more difficult to get attendees to engage with each other.  Bottom line: it’s going to be more difficult to pull all the different event elements together to create a cohesive conference experience that is unique, engaging, and impactful.

Now think about what a good host does.  A good host brings attendees together, engages the audience, keeps the energy up, segues from one presenter to the next, fills in the gaps, adds insights, levity, value.  There’s an argument to be made that a Virtual Host is even more important to a Virtual Meeting, than a Live Host is to a Live Meeting because the virtual format makes all of these duties that much more important.  The virtual format heightens the role of a Conference Host.  An experienced, confident, professional Emcee goes from being a nice add-on feature to your conference, to being ESSENTIAL to the success of your meeting.

Why You Need Jeff Civillico To Be Your Virtual Host

Jeff has A LOT of experience hosting live events.

Why does this matter?   All of the same skills that are required to host live events will be required to host virtual events.  Your host needs to be smart, quick on his or her feet, able to segue smoothly between speakers and programs, and most importantly for the virtual medium— your host must be HIGH ENERGY and ENGAGING.  We all know that it will be much more difficult to command attention through a computer screen.

Jeff has extensive Television and On-Camera experience.

Jeff is already known in the corporate industry as a “Double Threat Emcee” with an equal skill level on-stage and on-camera. *
Jeff is tech savvy.  There’s a reason why Jeff’s portfolio is full of past technology clients: AT&T, AT&T Business, Avast, Centrify, Cisco, Emerson Global, Equinix, Fluke Networks, Image Technologies Corp, iModules, and many others.  Jeff’s transition to the virtual space will be seamless.  He’s comfortable on LiveStream platforms like Zoom, Facebook and Instagram Live, Streamyard, BLive, etc.

Book Jeff Civillico - Wall of Faces - Virtual Host

Jeff has an established production partnership with Truthful Studio in Las Vegas.

Jeff has been working with Truthful Studio for years now to produce corporate videos.  He is ready to go NOW for ALL filming or streaming needs you may have: livestream broadcasts / conferences, internal events, external events, panels, interviews, game shows, webcasts, team-building workshops, webinars, etc.

Jeff understands what it means to adapt to new realities, to PIVOT.  Jeff’s signature keynote is literally called “The Power of the Pivot.”  Jeff understands that in addition to having the right skills and tools, this transition to virtual is as much about having the right mindset, attitude and energy.

Jeff Civillico - Virtual Host Emcee - Funny Business Agency

Virtual Keynote Speaker

Jeff Civillico’s journey from juggling in his kitchen as a child to headlining in Vegas with own TV show is naturally inspiring and his passion is naturally contagious, so it’s no wonder that he is often asked to present his “entertainment with a message” as a keynote speaker. Through a series of strategic “pivots” along his career path, Jeff shares how he has continuously leveraged what he has had to flip hardships into assets. His story of fighting through the cutthroat politics of the entertainment industry is eye-opening, humorous, and powerful. Challenging the audience to view where they are personally and professionally as a new type of starting point, Jeff enables a renewed sense of passion, purpose, and gratitude in attendees’ work and lives. Attendees walk away more engaged with what they do, and why they do it. Jeff is the perfect presenter for companies who look beyond numbers to the importance of caring for “the whole person.”

Virtual Team Building

If your employees or association members are working from home right now, consider having Jeff host a virtual team-building juggling workshop for them! That’s right, Jeff Civillico can teach everyone in your organization how to JUGGLE… well, at least he can try 🙂 All that’s required is 3 pairs of socks, a bit of space, and a good attitude!

This is a great way to bring everyone together and boost morale while working from home. And best of all, this team-building workshop can be opened up to families as well. Bond with your team, bond with your family, learn how to juggle and have some FUN!

Corporate Entertainer

Jeff Civillico has developed his own unique brand of entertainment he calls “Comedy in Action” – a blend of physical comedy, action-packed stunts, and world class juggling / balancing with friendly audience interaction and insane amount of energy! His highly interactive routines provide the perfect backdrop for his presence and spontaneity, allowing him to really “work the room” and connect with his audience. Every show is clean, so there’s never a worry of offending anyone in the audience, or making any volunteers feel embarrassed.

Event Host / Emcee / Master of Ceremonies

Corporate events require an Emcee who is confident, polished, and able to adapt to on-site changes. Every event brings challenges, many of which are unavoidable– sessions run long, speakers finish early, tech malfunctions happen… Jeff has established himself as someone who not only makes those situations work, but actually thrives in the last-minute environment of live events. Jeff has 75 minutes of clean, corporate-appropriate material he can draw from to intersperse through a single event, or a multi-day conference to keep your attendees engaged every step of the way.

Hire Jeff Civillico

Hire Jeff Civillico live or virtual to host for your next event or as a virtual speaker.

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