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There is nothing funny about empty seats or empty nights at your club! Let us help you start comedy nights. Need an idea that packs your club? Humor Them…

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Start making money with Comedy Nights right away.

Andrew Shulz at Comedy Club on State in Madison, WI

Act now and see results within weeks. We can quickly add comedy to your business. It offers low risk with big rewards for years to come! Don’t miss out-CALL NOW.

Don’t wait another week-the excitement and draw of comedy can be bringing you new business. There is nothing funny about empty seats. Call us today -we will answer your questions and guide you into this new comedy venture…and you will do it the right way!

Why Funny Business

Funny Business Agency: Your Ultimate Comedy Booking Solution

Booking Agency for Comedy Clubs

  • We are the largest agency in country booking comedy nights, have 30 years experience and over 3,000 comedians in our database
  • We only book “A” caliber comedians. We stand out because we book consistently GOOD shows. Nothing hurts more than having a bad opening act or a headliner one week that doesn’t make people laugh.
  • We are user-friendly and personally available ON THE PHONE 24/7. We like to keep in touch with the clubs we book. Can you put in a call and talk to a person at your current agency and get the answers or help you need? We regularly share ideas via email of new promotions that other clubs are using
  • We have time tested and newly discovered promotional and marketing tools. We provide an internet marketing guide, Facebook and Twitter help, webpage ideas and review, and tons more. We are really here to help you make you comedy night a profitable night.

Funny Business Agency Testimonials

What clubs are saying about booking stand-up comedy shows:

…we filled the place on our slowest night!

..bringing in a whole new mixed aged audience…it did not divide up
our existing regulars”

…one night a week made a difference…spillover into our other
non-comedy nights continues.

…Our entertainment reputation around the town is exciting again..

…plus there’s all that extra income from the cover charges

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can hosting a comedy night at your nightclub attract an audience and boost attendance on slower nights?

A comedy night at your nightclub can be a fantastic way to draw in an audience and fill up seats, especially on slower nights.

Here’s how it can work:

1. Unique Entertainment: Offering live comedy performances adds a unique and exciting element to your nightclub. People are often seeking new and enjoyable experiences, and a comedy night provides just that. The prospect of laughter and entertainment entices both regular patrons and new visitors to come and experience a fun-filled evening.

2. Socializing and Shared Experiences: Comedy has a way of bringing people together. By hosting a comedy night, you create an environment where people can relax, have a good time, and enjoy shared laughter with friends, family, or even strangers. This social aspect not only encourages attendance but also generates positive word-of-mouth, attracting more people to future comedy nights at your venue.

3. Audience Engagement: Comedy nights often involve audience interaction and participation, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere. Comedians may engage with the crowd, tell jokes tailored to the audience, or even invite volunteers on stage. This engagement keeps attendees entertained, actively involved, and more likely to return for future events.

4. Promotion and Marketing Opportunities: Promoting your comedy night through various channels, such as social media, local event listings, and partnerships with local media outlets, can help spread the word about your event. Highlighting the talented comedians performing at your venue and emphasizing the unique entertainment experience can pique curiosity and attract a larger audience, even on slower nights.

5. Building a Reputation: Establishing your nightclub as a go-to destination for comedy nights helps build a reputation within the local community and entertainment scene. Positive experiences and memorable performances create a buzz, making people eager to attend future comedy events at your venue. As your reputation grows, you’ll see increased attendance not only on comedy nights but also on other nights, as people associate your nightclub with great entertainment.

By hosting a comedy night at your nightclub, you tap into the universal appeal of laughter, create a social and engaging atmosphere, and leverage unique entertainment to attract an audience and fill up seats even on slower nights.

What can I expect from working with a professional comedy agency?

A professional comedy agency will assist you in understanding your event’s requirements and goals, provide recommendations on suitable comedians, handle negotiations and contracts, and ensure a seamless process from booking to performance. They bring their expertise and industry knowledge to help you create a successful and laughter-filled comedy night.

How far in advance should I book comedians for my comedy night?

It is recommended to book comedians for your comedy night as early as possible. Popular and in-demand comedians may have busy schedules, so securing their availability in advance ensures you get the best performers for your event. Contacting an experienced agency well ahead of time allows for a smoother planning process and increases the likelihood of booking your preferred comedians.