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Virtual Escape Room

Just like Visiting an Escape Room, Just Virtual!

Virtual Escape Room – Remote Events

We take care of everything so you can relax and your guests enjoy the interactive game!

Have you thought about trying a Virtual Escape Room? Individuals or teams register on our website and join a video stream that we host. Once in the video stream, we place them into breakout rooms with their team members (if individuals register to play we will place them in teams) and send them the link to the escape room website.

During the game they communicate with their team members via the video stream to discuss their game and they can request a moderator join their room at any time for help or hints.

Perfect for company team building, corporate morale boosters, virtual happy hours.

Virtual Team Building Activity:

  • Players can join from any location with internet access
  • This escape room will play on your laptop or desktop computer using a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox
  • We will be running Zoom to allow you to communicate with us and your team by video and/or audio. You will have multiple windows and/or tabs open to play the game and review all the documentation
  • The goal of this game is communication, deduction, and discovery
  • Work together to figure things out. Talk with your teammates. Listen to everybody on the team. Think outside the box
  • If you have questions, a gamemaster is available via Zoom. We will bounce around between rooms to check on you.

Virtual Escape Room Themes:

  • CSI:

    • Tommy Bennetti, a local crime boss, has hired you to discover the identity of two shooters who committed a mob hit at his club last Tuesday so he can get his own revenge before the police find them. You have 60 minutes to sort through the evidence!
  • The Exit Files:

    • It was a strange day when you received the email from your eccentric uncle. As you probably know, I like puzzles and games. I have created a series of very difficult puzzles for you to solve remotely. I call these puzzles, The Exit File. Should you complete the puzzles, I will wire a significant amount of money into your personal bank account. If you fail, I will send the money to charity.

Let us help your event be the one that gets remembered! Our professional, friendly and courteous staff is dedicated to helping make memories.

Call or email us to book the Virtual Escape Room for your next event.

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