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Looking for entertainment for your fundraiser or charity event?

Finding the right fundraiser entertainment for your event can be a challenge – you need to find entertainers and acts that set the right tone and reflect the goals of your event. We’ve been booking top fundraiser entertainers for events for over 20 years, so we know what acts fit best for charity and fundraising events. Below, you’ll find some of the best entertainment ideas for your event:

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Fundraiser Entertainment Idea: Clean Comedians

Almost all fundraiser events benefit from a little lightheartedness, and that’s exactly what a clean comedian offers. They keep all their comedy family-friendly and won’t stray to risky topics.

Fundraiser Entertainment Idea: Mentalists 

Mentalists bring a love for magic and combine it with all things psychology. They’ll get your audience asking, “how did they know that?!” and exchanging shocked glances with the people beside them. If you’re looking for immersive entertainment, a mentalist is a simple and ideal solution.

Fundraiser Entertainment Idea: Magicians

Magic can be simple or elaborate, but it’s always spellbinding. We work with the very best magicians in the country to offer your event a spark of something special, whether it be traditional sleight-of-hand magic or high tech digital magic.

Fundraiser Entertainment Idea: High Tech Entertainment 

High tech entertainment includes light and laser shows, digital performances, video projections, and more. We work with some of the best high tech acts in the country, and offer interactive high-tech experiences for your fundraiser attendees to try.

Fundraiser Entertainment Idea: Musical Acts 

Musical acts are always a safe bet for a fundraiser event, but you can always step outside the norm and try a musical comedian or speaker.

Fundraiser Entertainment Idea: WOW Entertainers 

What’s a WOW entertainer? Our WOW entertainers are those that provide you with performances your audience won’t have seen anywhere else; they offer unique artistic performances or short under-five-minute performances to get your attendees energized.

Fundraiser Entertainment Idea: Roving Acts 

Looking for entertainment to rove through the tables or crowd and provide intimate magical experiences to small groups? We’ve got what you need. Simply talk to us about our roving variety acts, magicians, mentalists, and jugglers.

Virtual Fundraiser Entertainment

With the advent of the Covid 19, more and more organizations are pivoting to virtual or live streaming their fundraisers. There are many advantages in doing that.

See some of our virtual entertainment ideas here.

How to Work with Us

These are just some of the entertainment acts we can suggest for your event, so to get a tailored list of ideas simply reach out to us by phone, email, or our contact form with a little information about your event and we’ll match you with the perfect performers for your event and budget.

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