Hiring a clean comedian shouldn’t be a nail-biting experience. With Funny Business Agency, it never is. Our clean comedy shows are so funny no one will even realize they stayed away from risky topics!

If you’re looking for clean comedy for your next corporate event get-together, charity fundraiser, virtual event, or conference, you’re in the right place.

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Clean Comedian - Anjelah Johnson - Funny Business Agency

What is a Clean Comedian?

A clean comedian knows how to deliver a show anyone can enjoy from corporate audiences and to religious groups. They understand the need to be sensitive and can deliver shows that are hilarious and relatable for everyone without any bad language or subjects.

Dwayne Gill Clean Comedian

Corporate vs. Clean Comedy

  • Clean and corporate comics are often confused. The truth is, they are two different acts, though corporate comics often perform clean shows, too.
  • A corporate comic knows all the ins and outs of working in the corporate world and can deliver a show that riffs on the funny aspects of working for an organization.

Looking for a corporate comedian instead of a clean comic? Click here.

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Virtual Comedy

Looking to host a virtual event? After 25+ years in the comedy business, we’ve connected with some of the best virtual comedians who can deliver hilarious shows. Book one and make sure your online conference, business meeting, holiday party, or product launch is as good as it can be.

Hire a Clean Comedian for Your Event

Booking a funny entertainer to deliver clean comedy for your event is incredibly simple. Just give us a call, shoot us an email, or fill out our contact form and we’ll match you with the perfect clean comic.

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