About Us

About Funny Business Agency

Funny Business is a family owned and operated national entertainment booking agency based in the United States. We are large enough to handle any task, but small enough to give our clients the care, respect and attention to detail they deserve.

Over the 3+ decades we’ve been around, we have built and nurtured relationships with talent in a variety of entertainment fields. We know the best current up-and-coming acts in the industry and we knew many of the now celebrities back when they were just starting out.

From comedy festivals to comedy clubs, college conventions to corporate events, cruise ships to casinos, we make it a point to keep abreast of the latest industry trends and to maintain and diversify our relationships that have helped make us one of the leading and most trusted booking agencies in the business.

Jamison Yoder

Major Corporate Accounts & Fundraisers [email protected] | 888-593-7387 x101

Jamison services the corporate and association markets by providing talent for hundreds of events every year. With an attentive ear and eye for detail he provides clients with the best talent fit for their needs ensuring successful and flawless events.

Michael Yoder

Corporate & College Accounts [email protected] | 888-593-7387 x108

Michael handles both corporate and college entertainment for Funny Business. He also handles creating/updating social networking accounts, press releases, online web reporting and more for our clients. His extensive knowledge of internet trends and marketing best practices are invaluable to all our clients.

Alicia Wobma

Booking Coordinator [email protected] | 888-593-7387 x100

Alicia is our Booking Coordinator. She has had over ten years administrative support experience and two years in the wedding and event planning industry.

Mike Doorn

Independent Representative Corporate Accounts [email protected] | 888-593-7387 x102

Mike has worked with Funny Business for over 15 years. Formally a corporate executive with a major US corporation, Mike brings a lot of inside experience to the corporate entertainment and association market

Greg Hardin

Independent Representative Corporate Accounts [email protected] | 888-593-7387 x110

Greg has extensive background in entertainment and event management. He works with resorts, theaters, casinos and corporate events.

John Yoder

President [email protected] | 888-593-7387 x104

John is a well-known and long-standing part of the stand-up comedy industry. He began booking his first nightclubs 30+ years ago and quickly moved into providing entertainment for corporate, college and full-time comedy venues. John continues to push the envelope with cutting edge ideas for comedy, marketing, college shows, corporate events and more!