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Are you looking to hire virtual magicians for online and virtual events with talent kicking-off meetings, coming back after an hour or so of content, focusing them after lunch, or closing out the meeting? We’ve also had success with virtual cocktail parties or happy hours that companies are doing as a thank you to their staff and customers. You can hire a magician for zoom meeting too.

From virtual cocktail parties to webinar series where the magician kicks off the meeting with some cool stuff, the artist will work with you to fine tune the desired tone.

Book Ben Seidman EntertainmentWe’ve had great success with Digital Deception, Ben Seidman, Colin Cloud and Derek Hughes for either kicking off meetings, coming back after an hour or so of content, focusing them after lunch, or closing off the meeting.    We’ve also had success with virtual cocktail parties that clients are throwing as a thank you to their staff’s and customers.

Have a virtual cocktail party tonight with Tom Pesce for Citibank, and we just signed Colin Cloud for 10 webinars where he will kick off the meeting with some cool stuff.  He’s working with them closely to really fine tune the tone they want.

One last thing we are doing for charities, is give us a flat reasonable amount and we’ll do a show for all your donor’s and at the end of the show say, if you enjoyed the show “ please bring a little magic into someone else’s life, etc.” and will have a link where they can donate directly to the charity.

Below are just a few of our magicians who do magic for all types of virtual events. There are more below.

Alakazoom – Virtual Magic

Alakazoom - Virtual Magic for Online MeetingsIn response to the current situation and as webinars/teleconferences are the only way organizations are communicating, we’ve come up with something to add spark and fun as well as help remove the predictability of so many online meetings.

We call it “Alakazoom”.

We would love to give you and your team a demonstration of how Alakazoom can be integrated into any virtual meeting or webinar.

Alakazoom is the brainchild of Digital Deception.  Digital Deception (Ryan Oakes and Doug McKenzie) is a two-man, tech-focused magic act that has been performing for corporate events nationwide for over 2 years now. Recent clients include Google, Symantec, Pfizer, IBM, Procter & Gamble and a host of other Fortune 500 companies.

Ben Seidman Online Magic

Book Ben Seidman MagicianHere is a teaser from Ben Seidman for corporate virtual events. It’s a pre-recorded show and he makes a personalized introduction for each event.
Ben Seidman Virtual Magic Show Teaser



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