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Corporate Christmas Parties

Corporate Christmas Parties - Funny Business Agency

Corporate Christmas Party 

Corporate parties at Christmas time are a time honored tradition. It’s a time to thank staff and/or customers for their impact on your business. It’s a way to enjoy some together and solidify relationships.

During the 1950’s, office holiday parties were a mixture of fancy clothes, alcohol and a chance to advance your career by schmoozing with the bigwigs.

Through the 70’s and 80’s, things got a little wilder, a little louder and a lot more interesting.

Once the 90’s hit, there was more concern for laws and regulations that may be broken. The office holiday party became more subdued as a whole.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters parties and various other themed events started to become popular in the 2000’s. Named cocktails, fancy foods and luxurious ambiance were the norm.

Nearing the end of the 2010’s we all recognize the value of a good experience. Corporate holiday events have grown to include performers, interactive events and out of the box thinking. 

This is our favorite time in history. It’s great to see guests feel honored by the caliber of the event and entertainment. The evening is looked forward to and talked about into the new year.

The venue, the decor, food, and entertainment all create an experience that tells guests they are important and deserve this good time.

Christmas Party Ideas - Funny Business Agency

Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

When it comes to planning your corporate Christmas celebration, there are countless options. Dinner in a restaurant, a party in the office. A gathering at the home of an executive or business owner. An outing, for example a ball game or a play.

Buffets, pass-around hors-d’oeuvres, sit down dinners or simply snacks are all popular food faire. Typically there will be a vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Often an open or paid bar is available and complimentary soda, coffee and tea.

Theme nights, a live band, a DJ, murder mystery and more are all ideas we’ve seen trend with corporations looking to impress their guests.

While the food, beverages and even venue are always a great part of the evening, it is the entertainment that your guests are excited about.

Entertainment options have become more varied due to the growth of clean stand up comedy and with the success of America’s Got Talent variety style acts.

Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

There are two secrets to selecting the perfect corporate Christmas party entertainment

The first is knowing your audience. Creating an experience that will thrill your audience is only possible when you know a little about your guests for the evening. Are they likely to want to mingle and chat? Do they want to sit back and enjoy some great music? Are they looking for a good laugh and maybe even a roast of their boss? Or are they looking to be awed by a magician or mentalist? 

While those experiences are some of the most popular, it is certainly not an exhaustive list. You can find all of the entertainment options that are available here.

The second secret is getting the right help! Using a booking agency (also known as talent agency or entertainment agency) is the best way to ensure you find talent that is within your budget, suited for your audience and someone you can count on. 

Watching a 5-minute video or reading a bio and honestly, even reading reviews are not strong enough indicators that the particular performer is right for your audience and event.

A talent agency, especially one like Funny Business with 30+ years of experience and relationships built, knows their network and can match you with the best fit. We help with contract negotiations and all of the little details. The result is a high quality entertainer, with all the details ironed out  – meaning less stress for you, and an event your guests will love.

Corporate Christmas Party Planning

Booking your Christmas event early ensures you will have access to the best vendors. Typically we start seeing inquiries in the early summer, with things getting quite busy starting in August. Don’t miss out by waiting too long.

Determining your venue and menu can help us determine what type of entertainment is best. For example, is there a stage? Is there room for a roaming entertainer? What are the acoustics like? There are so many little details. We are here to help. Once you know what you want in an event and the details of the venue, we will find the best suited act for your corporate holiday event.

With 30+ years of experience, we have this process down to a science. Our skills and experience are used to give you the best possible service and corporate entertainer. We work for YOU, not our entertainers. We represent your goals and interests each step of the way.

Virtual Corporate Christmas Party

Have you been considering going virtual for this years Christmas Party? Funny Business Agency has put together some of the best virtual entertainment ideas for Corporate Parties. See here

Whether you are looking to have a Holly Jolly Night of Laughs or some magic and intrigue, we can help you

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