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Murder Mystery shows are quickly becoming one of the most entertaining ideas for corporate events, holiday parties and so much more!

Are you looking to solve the case of the perfect party?  Are you looking for a Corporate Event that EVERYONE will be talking about?  Do you want to throw the party that will get everyone out of their seats and buzzing for weeks?  The solution to all of these questions is a fully interactive Murder Mystery Event!

Murder Mystery Professionals handle every detail of creating a 100% stress-free event.  Professional actors will guide the audience through the shocking twists & hilarious turns of this truly interactive show.  The number of performers is tailored to your party’s size.  You pick the theme, date, and even some of your guests you would like us to “highlight;” we do all the rest.

Let us Clue you in!  These events combine mystery, scripted theater, comedic improvisation, and audience interaction into an experience your guests will be raving about!  It is commonly described as a “live action version of the game Clue.”

Themes!  From 1920’s gangster land, to a totally 80’s murder, we have the right theme for any event!  Having a fundraiser?  How about our elegant “Murder at the Masquerade?”  Wedding reception?  We’ve got “Til Death do us Part!”  We even have a “Classic Theme” for a simplified murder mystery experience.

How to catch a killer!  As your guests arrive, they will be immersed in the world of the theme of your choice.  Professional actors playing shady and amusing suspects will be waiting to greet each guest and guide them through the  “Rules of Murder.”  Shortly after dinner has begun, a murder occurs, and it will be each table’s job to solve it.  The true killer could be absolutely anybody… even you!

A Detective will arrive and lead you and your guests through solving this hysterically heinous crime!  Guests will play detectives as table teams, gathering clues and interrogating suspects.

Solve the Crime!  After all the shocking secrets and important clues have been revealed, it will be up to you and your guests to solve this mystery!  Awards will be given to The Detective of the Night, and also the Best “Actor” and Best “Actress” from your group!

If you’ve been searching for that “IT” event that everyone will be buzzing about for months, then congratulations, Detective!  You’ve discovered the solution to a “Killer Party.”

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