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How to Throw a Virtual Holiday Party  

5 Tips for Throwing a Virtual Holiday Party  

Don’t let coronavirus ruin your company fun! If there was ever a year to celebrate your team, it is this year. Your employees have had to adapt to everything from working from home with children screaming in their ears to struggling to breathe through a mask all day while on their feet. Instead of canceling your holiday party, throw a virtual holiday party instead! You can virtually guarantee an awesome virtual holiday party if you follow these tips.

Great Invitation  

People’s social calendars are pretty wide open these days, but you should still send invitations two to three weeks in advance. The idea of a virtual holiday party may appear unappealing at first, so it is important to make a great invitation. Whether you opt for an e-vite or a mailed invitation, spend time creating a fun or beautiful design. Include teasers about what fun events that are in store for them.

Dress Code 

In your invitation, it is also a good idea to include a dress code. You do not want people showing up to the virtual holiday party in their pajamas— or maybe you do! Whether you want it to be a pajama party, an ugly sweater party, or a fancy ordeal, mention the dress code so everyone is on the same page. How people dress will help set the tone of the party. Most importantly, it will help people feel like they are attending a party, not just sitting at their computer in their living room.

Gift Box   

Send a gift basket or gift box to your employees a day or two before the virtual holiday party. Make sure you attach a note that asks the recipients to open their boxes only once the party starts. Gift opening can be a sort of opening ceremony to kick off the evening; the same way presents kick off Christmas morning.

Or, you can include smaller packages to be opened at different parts of the event. Perhaps cheese and crackers and a bottle of wine to start, popcorn during the entertainment, and perhaps holiday bonuses at the end.  You can also include party poppers, party props, cookies, candy, or even personalized gifts.

Fun Activities and Games   

What’s a party without fun and games? Bingo is always a party pleaser. Guests can print bingo cards or you can include them in their gift box. Or, if you really want to up your game, you can engage the team with a live-stream Trivia Game Show—a full-on, interactive (on many levels) game show that is professionally hosted. And, of course, guests can win great prizes!

Virtual Entertainment 

With a virtual holiday party, you do not have to rent a venue, hire caterers, or pay for decorations. Instead, you can take that money and put it towards premium entertainment. Entertainers are adapting to the new norm, just like your company is. Which means there are more virtual entertainment options than ever before, including:

Throwing a Corporate Virtual Holiday Party  

Don’t give up on this year’s holiday party because of social distancing! Even if team members are working remotely, you are still a team. Celebrate your ability to adapt during a pandemic by adapting to a virtual holiday party. Every party should always top the last party, and you now have the opportunity to do something completely different. Take advantage of the change and go all out!

With 20 years in the “funny” business, Funny Business Agency has the know-how to expertly pick the perfect entertainment for your virtual holiday party. We have a wide range of options for your event and your budget. Contact our friendly, no-pressure experts today!

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