5 Trade Show Entertainment Ideas

5 Trade Show Entertainment Ideas


Are you looking to differentiate yourself from other exhibitors? Want to avoid standing alone, hoping for someone to come talk to you?

One of the most unpleasant experiences is setting up your tradeshow booth and waiting for people to come by.

What you need is something compelling that will draw people in, keep them around, and leave them with a positive experience associated with your brand.

Hiring the right type of trade show entertainment can accomplish not only these things, it can make your booth stand out from your competitors.

How to Choose the Ultimate Sales Meeting Venue

How to Choose your Sales Meeting Venue


Orlando, Washington, DC., and Las Vegas are the top three meeting destinations in the United States, according to Cvent. They boast state-of-the-art facilities for salespeople: conference rooms, good infrastructure and speedy transportation links. But how do you choose a meeting venue in one of these cities? What about in other cities in the United States?

Here’s how to pick the ultimate place to host your next sales meeting.

An Interview with Comedian Sydney Adeniyi

Book Sydney Adeniyi - Hire Sydney Adeniyi


In August of 2016, Sydney Adeniyi made the courageous leap from working at a regular day job to actively pursuing his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.

Since his first performance at a venue in Belleville, IL, he has performed professionally hundreds of times at some of the nation’s top colleges, comedy clubs, and comedy festivals.

Read our interview with Sydney Adeniyi to hear his advice to event planners, learn more about his style of humor, what drives him, and what he likes to joke about.

4 Reasons You Need Entertainment at Your Fundraiser

James P Connolly speaking at a conference


From helping to raise money and awareness for worthy causes to boosting employee engagement, morale and even retention rates in some cases, workplace fundraisers account for approximately $4 billion in annual charitable giving according to industry data. But a successful fundraiser involves more than asking for a donation or selling tickets or merchandise to raise funds. Like any transaction, fundraising also involves relationship building that will add both value to the event and organization, and reward donors and guests for their generosity and commitment to the cause.

Whether your event is designed to raise funds and awareness for education, the environment, or medical issues, offering entertainment like comedians and variety acts can help elevate your fundraiser to the big leagues.

How Live Entertainment Can Help Market Your Fundraiser

How live entertainment can help market your fundraiser


Americans donated $373 billion to charity in 2015 — a 4 percent increase from the previous year. Fun runs, auctions, galas — all of these events raised money for good causes. Live entertainment was a fixture at many of them as bands, DJs and motivational speakers charmed donors. Stand-up comedy was another popular draw. Planning a charity drive of your own? Here’s how live entertainment can market your fundraiser event.

What Soccer Can Teach You About Hiring a Comedian

Soccer Hiring a Comedian


I am a huge soccer fan. I play on 4 teams a week and usually spend my Saturday and Sunday mornings watching the English Premier League.

I’ve been playing on and off, competitively and recreationally, since I was about four years old. Playing a sport typically teaches someone things that are applicable to other areas of their lives, and soccer is no exception.

So, what can soccer teach you about hiring a comedian?