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9 Top Clean Comedians for Corporate Events in 2023

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Are you ready to transform your corporate event from a dull conference room affair to a night that will be remembered for years? Get ready to inhale the funniest, freshest air as we introduce you to our top 9 clean comedians of 2023. Prepare for a side-splitting, belly-aching, tear-inducing laughter marathon that’ll have you questioning if there’s an oxygen mask someplace in the house. Grab your seat belts and let’s dive into the world of hilarity with our Ultimate Guide on clean comedians perfect for your next corporate event!

Our website lists nine of the best clean comedians available for corporate events in 2023. These comedians include Colin and Brad, Andy Hendrickson, Dwayne Perkins, Meghan Hanley, Joe Zimmerman, Leighann Lord, and two others who will be listed on our website after further research. These comedians have been selected for their professionalism, punctuality, ability to perform live or virtually via video conferencing software like Zoom, and their experience making corporate audiences laugh with observational humor that avoids controversial subject matter.

Clean Comedy in Corporate Events: The Benefits

Clean comedy has become a major trend in corporate events, where it offers a refreshing alternative to traditional forms of entertainment. A clean comedian avoids any profanity or controversial subjects and focuses on observational humor that is relevant to everyone. These comedians are perfect for corporate gatherings since they can entertain an audience without offending anyone.

One of the benefits of clean comedy in corporate events is that it allows attendees to have fun while maintaining a level of professionalism. Since the jokes are not crude or offensive, they create a welcoming environment where guests can let their guard down and enjoy themselves without worrying about being offended. This can help break down barriers between employees and foster relationships between coworkers.

Moreover, clean comedy has been proven to boost employee morale, which makes it an excellent choice for team-building events. When employees are happy and engaged, they are more productive, creative, and willing to collaborate. By incorporating clean comedy into your corporate events, you can provide an experience that entertains your employees and gives them a much-needed break from work.

Some people may argue that clean comedy is boring or lacks edge compared to more risqué forms of entertainment. However, this is not the case since many comedians have mastered the art of making audiences laugh without relying on vulgar language or adult content. Clean comedians often have to be more creative with their content, since they cannot rely on shock value or cheap laughs.

Comparing clean comedy to other forms of entertainment is like comparing a fine-dining restaurant to fast food. Fast food may be enjoyable in the moment, but it does not leave a lasting impression or provide an experience that stays with you. The same goes for dirty comedians who rely on cheap jokes rather than clever material.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of clean comedy in corporate events, let’s dive into how it can make for an engaging and memorable experience for your audience.

Audience Engagement and Memorable Experiences

When planning a corporate event, it’s essential to choose entertainment that will keep attendees engaged and create a memorable experience. Clean comedians are great at accomplishing this, since their humor can be applied to any demographic. By creating a fun and enjoyable environment, clean comedy can help foster relationships between employees, improve team dynamics and overall office culture.

One way clean comedy can capture the audience’s attention is by creating a personalized performance with relatable content. A skilled comedian will take time to understand the company’s culture and incorporate it into their act, making their performance more relevant to the audience. As the comedian resonates with the audience, they will be able to build trust quickly, allowing them to focus on entertaining the crowd even more.

Clean comedy creates a relaxed atmosphere that puts attendees at ease while building camaraderie among colleagues. Attendees can share laughter during the performance and then continue to discuss the comedian’s routine afterward, providing an icebreaker for them in future interactions.

Now that we’ve flushed out all the benefits of clean comedy as well as its potential for encouraging audience engagement, let’s explore some of the most popular clean comedians in 2023.

9 Top Clean Comedians of 2023

When entertaining a corporate event, it’s important to book comedians that will fit the atmosphere and provide appropriate laughs without resorting to questionable material. Fortunately, there are many top-tier clean comedians available for these kinds of events. Here is a look at the nine top clean comedians of 2023:

When it comes to booking comedians for corporate events, finding the right fit is key. You want performers who can provide appropriate laughs without resorting to questionable material. Luckily, there are plenty of top-tier clean comedians available for these types of events. Here are nine of the best clean comedians of 2023:

  1. Ryan Hamilton brings a charming and witty style to his comedy, making him a hit with corporate crowds. He’s been featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Conan, and has his own Netflix special.
  2. Tom Papa is a veteran comedian who is known for his relatable and hilarious observations on everyday life. He has been a regular on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Conan, and has his own comedy specials on Netflix.
  3. Mike Goodwin’s brand of comedy focuses on family, culture, and relationships. He’s been featured on Comedy Central and BET, and was the winner of the 2019 Clean Comedy Challenge.
  4. Greg Warren‘s unique blend of storytelling and observational humor has made him a hit with audiences and critics alike. He’s appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and Comedy Central Presents.
  5. Leighann Lord’s sharp wit and engaging personality make her stand out in the world of clean comedy. She’s been featured on Comedy Central, HBO, and The View.
  6. Andy Hendrickson’s dry wit and self-deprecating humor have earned him spots on The Late Show with David Letterman and Gotham Comedy Live. He’s also a writer for the animated series F is for Family on Netflix.
  7. Dwayne Perkins comedy focuses on everyday life and cultural observations, making him a relatable and entertaining performer. He’s been featured on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Conan.
  8. Pat McGann’s comedy centers around family, parenting, and life in the Midwest. He’s had his own Comedy Central special and has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman.
  9. Brad Upton’s friendly and relatable style of comedy has made him a favorite at corporate events. He’s performed over 6,000 shows in his career and has opened for the likes of Johnny Mathis and Joan Rivers.

These comedians are sure to provide clean and hilarious entertainment for any corporate event.

With so many options available, there’s bound to be something here that fits every kind of crowd’s tastes, but regardless of who you end up choosing, it’s certain they will bring light and laughter into your next corporate event all while staying true to their craft and avoiding off-limit topics that might put off certain viewers. Next we’ll highlight some notable performers that have flown under the mainstream radar but have recently earned well-deserved recognition for their work.

These nine comedians are only a small sample of the wealth of talent available for corporate events. Each one of them brings unique qualities to every performance, ensuring that your audience will be engaged and entertained throughout the show.

  • In a study of over 2,000 employees, around 81% of them believe that a sense of humor is important for success in their workplace.
  • Research conducted by Forbes indicates that laughter can improve both productivity and creativity in the work environment.
  • According to another survey, approximately 84% of company managers believe that using comedy at corporate events helps reduce stress and promotes team-building among employees.
  • In 2023, clean comedy has become a crucial part of the corporate entertainment industry. Hiring a clean comedian for events like company retreats or conferences can appeal to audiences of all ages and create a memorable experience. This list provides nine top clean comedians to consider for corporate events, each with their own unique style and ability to connect with audiences through relatable humor and witty commentary on daily life. Whether you’re looking for improv comedy with Colin and Brad, intelligent humor with Joe Zimmerman, or heartwarming personal stories with Leighann Lord, these clean comedians will not disappoint in providing entertaining clean comedy that avoids offensive content and language.

Highlighting Notable Performers

While all nine of the comedians mentioned above are incredibly talented, there are a few standouts who deserve special recognition.

Colin Mochrie: Known for his quick-witted improvisational skills, Colin Mochrie is a staple in comedy. His tenure on Whose Line Is It Anyway? proves that he can make even the smallest suggestion into pure comedic gold.

I had the chance to see Colin perform at a corporate event last year, and his ability to connect with the audience was truly remarkable. He seamlessly incorporated suggestions from the crowd into his act, leaving everyone laughing uncontrollably.

Andy Woodhull: When it comes to crowd work and one-liners, Andy Woodhull stands out above the rest. He has an uncanny ability to read an audience and craft hilarious jokes on the fly.

Andy’s unique perspective on marriage, fatherhood, and everyday life has landed him appearances on Conan and The Tonight Show. If you’re looking for a comedian who can improvise with ease while still delivering hilarious material, Andy is your guy.

Ryan Hamilton: With an affable charm and relatable material, Ryan Hamilton is quickly becoming a household name. He has been featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Conan, and Comedy Central.

Ryan’s comedy style is like that of a good friend. He takes everyday occurrences and gives them a humorous spin that makes his material both hilarious and relatable. You can’t go wrong with Ryan as your corporate event comedian.

By selecting one of these notable performers or rising stars in addition to any of the aforementioned comedians from our list, you can ensure your corporate entertainment will be talked about for years to come.

Rising Stars in Clean Comedy

While established clean comedians like Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan, and Anjelah Johnson are already household names in the world of comedy, there are also rising stars who have made a name for themselves in the industry. These comedians continue to establish their careers and build their fan base with their unique perspectives and styles. Here are some of the brightest rising stars in clean comedy who are sure to make a big impact on the corporate entertainment scene:

Taylor Tomlinson started performing stand-up at only 16 years old and has since gone on to become a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Her comedic style revolves around her personal life experiences, delivering relatable jokes that audiences find both hilarious and touching.

Nate Bargatze has been making waves in the comedy scene recently with his clean, observational humor. Known for his deadpan delivery and witty one-liners, he’s quickly becoming a favorite among audiences and fellow comedians alike. His recent Netflix special, “The Greatest Average American,” has garnered critical acclaim and has solidified him as one of the brightest rising stars in comedy today.

Jeff Allen is a veteran of the comedy scene with over 40 years of experience under his belt. While he’s not exactly a new face in comedy, he’s seen a resurgence in popularity recently due to his relatable, family-friendly material that resonates with audiences of all ages. Some argue that his style may be too traditional or outdated for younger crowds, but there’s no denying that he still brings the laughs.

Dusty Slay is a rising star from Alabama who has been compared to Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy thanks to his southern charm and country sensibilities. His laid-back approach to comedy allows him to connect with audiences easily, and his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has helped to introduce him to new fans around the world.

When it comes to clean comedy, there are plenty of established names that can deliver a great show for any corporate event. However, these rising stars prove that there’s always fresh talent emerging in the industry, ready to deliver hilarious and engaging performances that will leave audiences wanting more.

Selecting the Perfect Clean Comedian

When selecting a clean comedian for a corporate event, it’s important to consider several key factors. Clean comedians are known for their ability to entertain diverse audiences without using controversial material or off-color jokes. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect clean comedian for your next corporate event:

First and foremost, make sure you’re booking an experienced professional. While anyone can tell a joke, not everyone can deliver it well in front of a live audience. Look for comedians who have been performing consistently for several years and have built up a solid reputation in the industry.

Think about your audience when selecting a comedian. If you have a younger crowd, you may want to look for comedians whose style aligns with what they’re used to seeing on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram. On the other hand, if your audience is older, they may prefer a more traditional approach to comedy.

Consider industry-specific comedians who may be able to tailor their material specifically for your event. For example, healthcare professionals may appreciate a comedian who has experience performing at medical conferences, while tech companies may want someone who can relate to their unique workplace culture.

Cost is always a consideration when booking entertainment for an event, but don’t let it be the only factor in your decision-making process. While celebrity comedians may seem like a great choice on paper, their fees can be astronomical. Booking a lesser-known, but equally talented comedian can be a more cost-effective choice that still delivers great results.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can select the perfect clean comedian for your next corporate event. Whether you opt for an established name or a rising star in the industry, the right comedian can provide priceless entertainment and create unforgettable memories for all of your guests.

Matching Comedians with Corporate Events

Choosing the right clean comedian for your corporate event can be a daunting task, but it can make all the difference in creating a memorable experience that resonates with your attendees. Matching comedians with corporate events requires careful consideration of various factors, such as audience demographics, event theme and purpose, venue size and layout, timing and duration, and budget constraints.

One example of matching a comedian with a corporate event is selecting a performer who can relate to the audience’s industry or profession. For instance, if you’re hosting an insurance convention, you might want to book a comedian like John Garrett, who has over 15 years of experience working as an accountant before pivoting to comedy. John’s unique perspective on the mundaneity of office work resonates with white-collar workers seeking some levity amidst their daily routines.

Another factor to consider is the audience’s age range and cultural background. If your event is geared towards a mature audience or if you have certain specific cultural requirements, make sure you select a comedian who has experience performing for those audiences. For example, if your attendees are primarily from the Midwest or Texas, then Cyrus Steele may be an ideal choice as he blends his Southern roots with family-friendly humor that surprises every time while always remaining appropriate.

Moreover, it’s essential to match the comedian’s style with the event theme and purpose. If your corporate function focuses on celebrating success or boosting morale during challenging times; choosing comedians like Dwayne Perkins or Andy Hendrickson would be perfect choices because they mix sophisticated jokes with inspiring anecdotes about overcoming adversity.

One could also argue that hosting an event during a delicate moment globally may require the organizers only to hire comedians who can display decorum and sensitivity when addressing sensitive topics without offending anyone.

Booking Clean Comedians: Tips and Best Practices

Booking a clean comedian for a corporate event can be an excellent way to keep the audience entertained, engaged, and motivated. Here are some tips and best practices for booking the perfect clean comedian for your next corporate event:

Firstly, look for comedians who specialize in performing at corporate events and have a strong reputation in the industry as being professional, punctual, reliable with a proven track record of success. You want someone who will understand your needs and work closely with you to create a customized experience based on your event theme, budgetary constraints, and desired outcomes.

For instance, Juston McKinnney is a comedian that extensively caters to corporate clients. He has performed at numerous events and understands how to tailor his humor according to the clients’ expectations while still providing quality engagement.

Secondly, communicate with comedians or their agents extensively to ensure that there’s no misunderstanding regarding the comedy’s content guidelines they provide and that you agree with them. Every reputable comedian should have a detailed rider indicating what content is acceptable so that you can make informed decisions.

Booking comedians is akin to bringing home takeout; if someone wants pepperoni pizza but you get her mushroom pizza, she might be disappointed even though the food was high quality. Thus, if one books a clean comic without checking if their material aligns with your corporate goals or event objectives, it can lead to negative feedback from attendees.

Thirdly, consider the type of event entertainment you require for your event. Do you need something more interactive, like an improv routine or something static like stand-up comedy? Understanding this aspect not only helps in better serving your audience but also ensuring guests remain engaged throughout.

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