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Comedians are always a hit with corporate audiences, at least… until they push things too far. Anyone who’s thinking about hiring corporate comedy is trying to avoid the moment a comedian says something that isn’t just a toe over a line, but a leap over it, and the room falls silent. The event will be forever tainted with that moment.

The good news is that when you hire a corporate comedy show through us, that’s not something you even need to think about! Our corporate comedy is just that – corporate, there won’t be any (truly) risky jokes, no one will leave offended, and your event will never be ruined. You’ll just have an audience full of people red from laughing!

Pat McGann - Stephen Colbert Corporate Comedian Erin Jackson Funny Corporate Speaker

Are Clean Comedians the Same as Corporate Comedians?

Sometimes, but not always. Clean comedians know how to keep things PG, but corporate comedians know all about how large (and small) organizations work and what’s going to get a laugh from those in attendance. They talk about subjects that relate to the working world that truly engages the audience in front of them. That’s why it’s such a good idea to hire a business comedian, not just a clean one, though – unless requested otherwise – a corporate experienced comedian will also deliver a clean show!

Corporate Comedy with Experience

When you hire a corporate comedian with us, you’re getting someone with corporate event experience. They know what lines to push, which ones to stay away from, and know how to play to the experience of your audience.

Event Comedians You Can Trust

Trust is a huge factor in hiring a comedian for a corporate event, and because we’ve done all the vetting for you, you can choose any comedian off the hand-picked list of comedians we give you and not worry about that trust being broken.

We Work with the Best 

Our corporate event comedians are the best in the nation, so if you’re looking for top corporate comedy, you’re in the right place. Our corporate comedians include celebrity comedians such as Jay Leno and Sinbad, tried and true corporate comedians like Brian Regan, as well as improv groups like Colin and Brad.

Virtual Comedians

Funny Business features the best virtual comedians for corporate events. See our virtual comedians here.

How to Work with Us

To book one of our incredible corporate comedy acts that leave audiences with aching sides and long-lasting memories, simply tell us more about your event and we’ll send you a list of corporate comedians that will suit your event and budget.


“I would recommend Funny Business Agency to any event planner or someone looking to book entertainment for their meeting event. They were super responsive, very helpful and mindful to my budget and audience.”-Kristina Coyle, AXA

“Pat did an amazing job! He kept the audience laughing the entire 45 minutes. He was perfect for our event! Thank you, Funny Business! Another year of successful recommendations!”   -SVS Vision

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