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Best Clean Comedians for Corporate Events

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Clean Comedians for Corporate Events

At Funny Business Agency, we’ve been booking the best clean comedians for more than 20 years. During that time, we’ve learned that comedy is one of the hottest forms of entertainment for corporate events. It’s not surprising. Everyone likes to laugh, right?

If you’re looking to book a clean comedian for your next industry conference or business meeting, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn about the seven best clean comedians working right now.

What is Clean Comedy for Corporate Events?

Clean comedians offer up the best observational humor without the swear words and dirty jokes. In short, they avoid controversial subject matter so that all audience members can enjoy their performances. The best ones are also professional, on-time, and able to perform live and in-person or via video conferencing software like Zoom.

Who are Clean Comedians?

You may know clean comedians like Jim Gaffigan, Seth Myers, Jay Leno, etc. These guys are regulars on TV and streaming platforms. But not all groups can afford a celebrity for their event. This is where clean, corporate comedians come in. They may not be as well-known, but they have experience making corporate audiences laugh. A good corporate entertainment agency will have connections to the best comics and can help you book a clean comedian for your event in less time.

If you have questions about comedians for your corporate event, read more here. Or visit our clean comedians page here.

Best 8 Clean Comedians for Corporate Events…


Remember Colin and Brad from the popular TV show “WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?”

If not, here’s what you need to know: Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood are master improv comedians. Their incredible ability to get people laughing makes them a major draw at all kinds of corporate events, including conferences, sales meetings and fundraisers. Trust us, your professional crowd will absolutely LOVE Colin and Brad!

The best part is, Colin and Brad always keep it clean. You’ll never have to worry about offensive jokes and can rest assured that every one who attends your event will leave with a smile on their face.

Click here to book Colin and Brad for your corporate event.


Andy Hendrickson is one of those rare comedians who makes audiences laugh out loud without resorting to profanity. For the past 20 years, Andy has delivered clean, clever humor that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.

He’s so funny, in fact, that he’s been been a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and David Letterman’s Show. Not bad! Maybe that’s why major brands like Google, Zoom, and LinkedIn have booked him for their corporate events. Whether you’re planning an in-person conference or a virtual board meeting, Andy is one of the best clean comedians available.

Click here to book Andy Hendrickson for your company event.

3. Dwayne Perkins

What can we say about Dwayne Perkins? A whole lot, actually…

Dwayne is a veteran of the comedy industry, who’s outrageously funny routines have landed him spots on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, and Premium Blend. He has his own Netflix special, too! But unlike other comedians with similar accolades, Dwayne’s in-person and virtual routines are always clean.

Dwayne is available for a wide range of corporate events. Click here to book him for yours.

4. Meghan Hanley

Meghan Hanley is a Brooklyn-based comedian who performs live and virtually. She was recently features in Forbes Magazine, has appeared on AXSTV’s “Gotham Comedy Live” and The MSG Network, and was a headlining act at Austin’s Out of Bounds. It’s an impressive resume. But not as impressive as this: she’s accomplished all of these things without telling dirty jokes.

No matter where Meghan performs, she brings the funny and keeps it clean. That’s why she would be a perfect fit for your next company holiday party, employee team building event, or sales kickoff meeting.

Click here to book Meghan Hanley for your next corporate shindig.

5. Joe Zimmerman

Joe Zimmerman is an inventive, insightful, and fun-loving human being. As it turns out, these are awesome traits for a stand up comedian. Watch one of his routines and relax as he turns his own humanity into hilarity in the most clever of ways.

Maybe that’s why Joe has received praise from Buzzfeed, who called his writing “a thing of magic.” As well as famed standup comics like John Mulaney, Brian Regan, John Oliver, Ricky Gervais, and Jimmy Fallon. We’re sure you and your employees will love his clean comedy, too, should you book him for your next business meeting or industry conference.

Click here to book Joe Zimmerman for your next corporate event.

6. Leighann Lord

Leighann Lord is a woman of many talents. She’s a respected clean comedian who’s appeared on Comedy Central, HBO, and the View. She’s one of the hottest public and/or virtual speakers working today. And she’s an experienced emcee who’s hosted numerous business meetings, fundraisers, and employee celebrations for a long list of happy clients.

When it comes to comedy, Leighann is quite accomplished. She has received the NYC Black Comedy Award for “The Most Thought Provoking Black Female Comic.” She’s also been Harlem Week’s official comedian for two straight years. The only other person to earn this distinction is Richard Pryor. Pretty cool, right?

Click here to book Leighann Lord for your next corporate event—you won’t be disappointed!

7. Collin Moulton

How do you know when you’ve “made it” as a comedian? Maybe it’s when you get your own 30-minute stand up special on Showtime. Or when you earn a featured spot on Nickelodeon. Or maybe it’s when you look up and realize that you’ve been booked solid for 15 years straight. Guess what—all of these things have happened for Collin Moulton!

Colin’s comedic routines, which he can deliver in-person or virtually, are energetic, engaging, and completely clean. This makes him an ideal candidate for your next business conference, team building event, or employee appreciation day.

Click here to book Collin Moulton for your next corporate event.

8.Joe Larson

Joe Larson’s resume is so full of accolades it’s practically bursting at the seams.

For example, he was once chosen “College Comedian of the Year” at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and nominated “Best Up-And-Coming Comedian” at the NYC MAC Awards. Then there was that one time he appeared on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. And that other time he appeared on the Tonight Show’s laugh Squad.

When he’s not telling hilarious jokes from a stage, he’s writing them for his popular blog “I’m Not a Dad, I’m a Man with a Baby”. But no matter where Joe is, you can count on him to keep it clean.

Click here to book Joe Larson for your next corporate get-together.

How to Book the Best Clean Comedians for Your Company Event?

To hire a clean comedian, just call (888) 593-7387 or e-mail us below. One of the experts at the Funny Business Entertainment Agency will walk you through your options and help you book the right Clean Comedian for your corporate event.

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