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Getting people out of their homes and into theaters isn’t always easy, but when you have incredible new acts that generate buzz everywhere they go, it gets a lot easier. We can help you book performers for comedy nights, live shows, celebrity comedians and performers, variety acts, ventriloquists, hypnotists, magicians, and more!

With us, you’ll never have to wonder who you should book next. We’ll help you find the most exciting talent to fill your theater.

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Hire Theater Entertainment: Comedy

Comedy is what we do, and we have some of the nations best comedians and comedic acts on offer. Whether you’re looking for a hot up-and-coming comedian or have the budget to bring in a big-name celebrity, we’ll help you get the very best booked.

If you’re looking to move away from stand-up, we also have improv comedians and ventriloquists to bring something fresh to your stage.

Hire Theater Entertainment: Magicians and Mentalists

Magic has evolved hugely since the days of pulling white rabbits from hats, now many magicians use modern technology to wow and astound audiences in ways they never believed possible. Mentalists marry magic and psychology to create mind-blowing performances that involves plenty of audience interaction.

Hire Theater Entertainment: Hypnotists

Hypnotists know exactly how to enrapture an audience and wow them with their ability to control their friends, family, and fellow audience members. Our hypnotists always act with everyone’s best interests at heart and make it age-appropriate for all in your audience.

Hire Theater Entertainment: Variety Acts

Variety acts offer you the chance to get something completely new and unique on your stage. Our variety acts include jugglers, dancers, musical acts, variety shows, and more.

Hire Theater Entertainment: Theatrical Shows

Our theatrical shows aren’t like anything you will have had on your stage before; if you’ve watched America’s Got Talent and thought, “I wish I could book an act like that for my theater”, you can. Our large-scale theatrical shows will wow your attendees and get them coming back to your theater again and again to see what else you have on offer.

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We’re passionate about filling theaters with incredible entertainment, so reach out to us today and we’ll help you book acts and performances that fill every seat in the house.


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