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Andy Hendrickson

Clean Comedian - Virtual Comedian

Andy Hendrickson is clean comedian and a true professional. Andy works clean and is available for “in-person” shows or virtual events on any platform (see video). In the last couple of year he has performed for hundreds of virtual shows for a wide range companies and industries including: Google, Zoom Inc., Morgan Stanley, Canada Goose, Gap, LinkedIn, Virgin Galactic, and many more.

Andy Hendrickson: Clean Comedian

Some of his past TV appearances include David Letterman, The Late Late Show, NBC’s Guest List and he has a full special out on the popular Dry Bar Comedy series. He was also one of the stars of the movie The Clean Guys of Comedy. It broadcast live via satellite in over 600 theaters nationwide. His stand-up style is one of the hardest to deliver: dry, clever, and clean. A comedy veteran with over 20 years of experience, Andy can adapt his routine to your corporate group, small team, fundraising project or company virtual happy hour.

“Fake Expert” Prank Comedian

Andy also offers a virtual comedy experience where he plays a light-hearted practical joke at your event. One of the many clients, Jack Kennedy from Platform Science explains it best:

“I hired Andy to play sort of a practical joke on our company’s zoom “all hands” meeting and he knocked it out of the park. He’s created a character and persona that seemed incredibly probable, if not a bit ridiculous, in the vain of a corporate productivity consultant. The character was completely consistent with someone I might otherwise bring in, only in Andy’s case, once he had their attention, he took them on a hilarious journey.”

Everyone was fooled by the prank video of Andy’s “work from home expert” and they all got a big kick out of it after they figured out we were pulling their leg. The video, which felt to everyone like a live Zoom call, was a great ice-breaker and warm up for his virtual stand-up set which also left the company in stitches. I’m still a hero a week later and would recommend him to any company that wants to reward their work from home team with a real treat. I was really happy with how it all worked out. Andy’s a great comedian and he was really easy to work with. I’d highly recommend him for your virtual event/zoom meeting.”

Custom Corporate Imposter

If you really want to go the extra mile, Andy will work with you and create a customized imposter for your company’s virtual event. See this testimonial from Michelle Lemus of Guardant Health:

“Thank you for the amazing Virtual CFO Fake for our CFO’s retirement celebration. We appreciated the pre-planning and research you did on our company/industry incorporating enough related content into your script. You had everyone believing you were the company’s real CFO replacement. It was hilarious to see the expressions of everyone as they intently listened to you pronounce critical industry words incorrectly, describe how we could curtail compliance and admit you got the job not based on experience but because you were our CEO’s tennis buddy. The audience was hooked!

This was a job well done and we cannot thank you enough for your professionalism throughout the entire process.

To this day we continue to receive compliments and praise as some consider this one of the best events we have put on. This will certainly go down in the memory books for our company, set high expectations for the next retirement celebration and be a topic of discussion for many more years to come. Thank you again! It was a pleasure working with you and we would highly recommend you to other companies”

Hire Andy Hendrickson: Virtual Comedian

Contact us for more information if you’d like to hire Andy Hendrickson for his in-person stand-up comedy show, as a virtual comedian, or as a “Fake Expert”. There is more information on Virtual Event Entertainment here.

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