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Are you looking for an exceptional virtual speaker for your next online event? Now more than ever companies and organizations are planning digital gatherings and looking for virtual event entertainment.

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Hire a Speaker

Hire the Virtual Right Speaker

Taylor Hughes - Virtual Host - Funny Business Agency

Some corporate events are all about entertainment and connecting with colleagues in an informal setting. Others are designed to offer usable knowledge and stir up thoughtful conversations. For the latter, many companies opt to hire keynote speakers. There are many different approaches. One virtual keynote speaker could try to offer a personal, motivational message with broad appeal. Another might talk about their expertise regarding an industry-specific topic.

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Whatever the case may be, the virtual keynote speaker you hire should align their speech with your event goals. Their job is to connect with your audience in an engaging and meaningful way. They might do this by giving their audience key points to remember or encouraging them to take specific actions to help further personal and professional goals, for example. Either way, by the time the online event has ended, attendees should be impacted in a positive way.

Best Virtual Speakers

The Best Virtual Keynote Speakers

Jason Hewlett - Conference Entertainer & Host - Funny Business Agency

As with an in-person event, your virtual keynote speaker will likely be the cornerstone of your online get-together. Fortunately, many of the world’s top speakers are able to deliver engaging and motivational speeches via the web.

At Funny Business Agency, we work with these professionals and can book them for your next online business meeting, fundraiser, or conference. Take a look at a few of the speakers below to find the perfect fit.

Virtual Emcees


Jeff Civillico - Wall of Faces - Virtual Host - Funny Business Agency

A virtual event emcee speaker is integral to the success of online events. In addition to keeping them on track, they set the tone for get-togethers and provide them with a consistent, upbeat, and positive presence.

Emcees for Virtual Events

As the business world pivots to online events, corporate hosts have adapted their skill set to meet the demand. Whether it’s an hour-long meeting or a multi-day event, a virtual emcee can help keep your event on track.

In many cases, a virtual event host will also have technological knowledge that can be helpful to event planners. This allows them to focus on the get-together they’re running and not get bogged down in the minor details.

How to Hire a Virtual Speaker

Booking virtual speakers for an event is incredibly simple. Just give Funny Business Agency a call, shoot us an email, or fill out our contact form and we’ll match you with the perfect speaker.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What types of virtual speakers can Funny Business Agency provide for corporate events?

Funny Business Agency offers a diverse range of virtual speakers for corporate events, including keynote speakers, expert public speakers, funny speakers, emcees, and virtual comedians. They have a wide selection of talented individuals to suit various event needs and preferences.

How can virtual speakers from Funny Business Agency enhance corporate events?

Virtual speakers from Funny Business Agency bring expertise, inspiration, and entertainment to corporate events. They deliver captivating talks that engage audiences, share valuable insights, and create memorable experiences. Their presence adds depth and excitement to virtual gatherings, leaving a lasting impact on attendees.

Can Funny Business Agency's virtual speakers customize their presentations for specific industries or event themes?

Yes, Funny Business Agency’s virtual speakers are skilled at tailoring their presentations to match specific industries, event themes, and objectives. They can incorporate industry-specific knowledge, anecdotes, and examples to ensure their talks resonate with the audience and align with the event’s purpose

How do virtual speakers from Funny Business Agency adapt to the online format of corporate events?

Funny Business Agency’s virtual speakers have adapted their speaking styles to effectively engage online audiences. They utilize interactive technology, multimedia elements, and engaging storytelling techniques to capture participants’ attention and foster an immersive virtual experience. Their seamless transition to the online format ensures a memorable event for all attendees

Can virtual speakers from Funny Business Agency bring humor to corporate events?

Absolutely! Funny Business Agency offers a selection of funny speakers and virtual comedians who can inject humor and entertainment into corporate events. These talented individuals are skilled at delivering engaging and light-hearted presentations that keep audiences entertained and energized throughout the event