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Don’t put your attendees to sleep – hire a speaker they’ll remember

Funny speakers can take a seemingly mundane corporate event and make it one all the attendees remember and talk about for many years to come. It’s difficult to network when you’re sat quietly listening to speakers, but a funny keynote speaker or a hilarious motivational speaker can loosen everyone up when talking to new people at your event.
Jason Hewlett Funny Keynote Speaker Jeanne Robertson

Find a Humorous Speaker for Your Event

Our speakers are some of the most talented in the country and are guaranteed to light up everyone in your audience. Our speakers can deliver funny, poignant speeches that resonate with your audience and leave them in the best frame of mind to accomplish your event’s goal.

Virtual Funny Speaker

Our Funny Speakers are now doing Virtual Keynote speaking. See more here.

Hire a Comedian Speaker

Want someone who will break up an event that involves a lot of sitting, listening, and taking notes? These events provide your attendees with a huge amount of value, but they also need time to loosen up and relax. A comedian speaker can help provide a little comic relief and refresh your audience so they’re ready to dive back in later.

Humorous Speaker for Events

We have a comedian for every event – hire a celebrity comedian to wow your attendees, our corporate comedians know all about how corporate organizations work so know exactly how to get a corporate audience laughing, or a musical comedian to wake everyone up.

Hire Funny Speakers with Variety Acts

Looking for something a little different? We also have speakers on our books who combine humor and inspiring speeches with variety acts, such as juggling, magic, sketch comedy, music, and more. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the perfect humorous speaker for your event.

Hire a Funny Keynote Speaker 

Our funny keynote speakers will get your event off to an incredible start and set the tone for your event. Our funny keynote speakers can speak on a range on topics such as overcoming change, how to stay motivated, battling illness, team building, leadership, and much more.

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How to Work with Us

Choosing a speaker for your event can be a difficult process, so why not let us give you a hand-picked list of the best speakers available for you to choose from? Simply tell us more about your event to get started.

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