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The Work Lady

Jan McInnis – Speaker

Hiring keynote speaker and funny female comedian Jan McInnis is the perfect way to kick off your conference, keep people interested at the half-way mark, or end your convention on a high note ! Jan’s keynotes are chock full of laughs with PRACTICAL tips that can be used immediately at work.

“Our customers not only enjoyed Jan’s comedic presentation, but also were able to take with them some great insight to better deal  with the many challenges they face in their daily jobs. Well done Jan!”

Before setting foot on stage, professional speaker and comedian Jan McInnis spent 15 years as a marketing executive where she collected a ton of hilarious material for her keynotes! And now, for the past 20+ years, Jan’s keynotes have been a hit at hundreds of association and company conventions, fundraisers, employee retreats, banquets and more where she has left a trail of happy clients. Jan is a veteran professional speaker and comedian who will make YOU look good for booking her!

“Selecting a keynote speaker is a leap of faith. You might have recommendations and watch videos, but you really never know what you’re getting until that moment on the podium. Jan, I’m pleased to say that you greatly exceeded our high expectations.”

Jan’s Humor Keynotes & Comedy Shows are Perfect for Business Events!

Speaker Jan McInnis - Funny Business Agency

Jan McInnis Keynote Speeches:

  • Jan can help your group deal with change by using humor in her popular keynote Finding the Funny in Change in which she gives practical tips to help your attendees deal with change
  • Learn how to deal with life when things don’t go as planned in Jan’s hit keynote Flourishing in Failure
  • Jan’s keynote Finding the Funny in Communications will give your attendees fast tips for putting humor into your written and verbal communications
  • And of course if you just want entertainment, Jan can provide it with Cubicle Comedy. This is her clean stand-up comedy act that focuses on family, work, and day-to-day life
  • Jan’s Hilarious Hostingwill keep your awards ceremony rolling on time and your audience engaged – even those who aren’t winning the plaques!

Prior to the event, Jan has a conference call with the conference committee to incorporate some specific challenges your group is facing into her keynote!

All of Jan’s keynotes include her hilarious humor and are sprinkled with lots of relatable stories and immediately usable tips. Jan was featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top convention comedians whose act is clean, in the Washington Post for her clean comedy writing, and in the Huffington Post for being a, you guessed it, funny female comedian whose act is clean!

“She spoke at the end of my company’s annual 2-day education program for healthcare individuals and brought with her humorous program some excellent and realistic pointers to address the stresses encountered in healthcare today.”

“Jan spoke about how to use humor when implementing changes in the healthcare industry. Some people “busted a gut” laughing so hard, and she left our audience of CFO’s and Risk Managers in stitches (what is the ICD 10 code for that?). I think she would be a great speaker for any healthcare audience and everyone else. They say laughter is the best medicine, and it may be the only thing your healthcare insurance pays for these days…”




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