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Rik Roberts is a clean comedian and speaker who focuses on providing 100% clean comedy and creative keynotes to groups who need a fun and engaging program.

Most recently seen on Pure Flix Comedy All-Stars, Rik keeps his humor relevant and easy to relate to. As a father of two young kids, he has found there are enough real life situations that we can all laugh at without going “below the belt”. Family friendly comedy is his specialty. Crafting comedy club level funny along with church clean content, his programs are a good fit for corporate groups, fund-raising events, awards ceremonies and faith-based events.

His emphasis on storytelling paved the way towards his speaking career. Just like in comedy, Rik keeps the pace of his keynote programs up using stories, facts, current events, visuals and crowd participation to make the points relevant to each group.

Rik is a member of the National Speakers Association and is the current President of the Christian Comedy Association.

Clean Comedy Entertainment

If your event needs a shot in the arm – Rik is ready to bring the laughs! Rik travels nationwide performing for any group that wants “good clean fun”.

“It’s Funny Now” – 100% Clean Stand-Up Comedy Show

If you need an hour (or less) of stand–up comedy you’ll want to request his “It’s Funny Now” program. This is pure fun and a great fit for groups who want to add a spark to their gathering.

“Roaming Barney Fife” – Family Friendly Fun

As a Don Knotts Impersonator, Rik brings smiles, laughs and interaction to your event. Rik’s spot on mannerisms leave a lasting impression! Groups use “The Deputy” to drive traffic to their trade show booth, make surprise arrests at company meetings, to lighten up video presentations and everything in between.“Imposter Speaker” – Keynote Chaos!

Want to throw your group a “curve ball”? Rik can be introduced as a speaker on the topic of your choice. He will provide just enough information to sound like he knows what he’s talking about … then it all falls apart. Soon, the Power Point slides become mixed with vacation photos and the audience gets “clued in” on the joke. Rik then reveals he is really there to perform stand-up comedy.

Funny Keynote Speaker

Rik offers a variety of motivational and funny speeches designed to EXCITE, ENTERTAIN and INFORM. Below is an overview of current speeches

  • “The Mayberry Method” – Increase Productivity By Nipping Distractions In The Bud!
  • “Game Winning Drive” – Character, Leadership, Integrity
  • “Listen UP – Laugh it UP!”

As an active member of the National Speakers Association, Rik combines the experience of a seasoned headliner with the professionalism your event deserves. In many cases, the success of the show starts weeks in advance of the actual performance. With that in mind, Rik will also provide:

  • A pre-event questionnaire to fully understand your goals for the event
  • A pre-event event video for you to use to increase interest and attendance
  • Pre-event jokes you can post and tweet to get folks excited
  • Posters, pictures and everything you need to promote the event
  • A “10 Tips for a Perfect Party” checklist to help you get the most out of the event

Additionally, Rik is able to customize his show. If you need a certain theme or message relayed to the group – just ask.

Virtual Variety Showcase

See Rik’s new Virtual Variety Showcase for corporate groups here. 


Rik Roberts Corporate Clients include: 

Clean comedian Rik Roberts Clients

Call us today to get more information or to hire Rik Roberts in any of the formats he performs.


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