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The Water Coolers

Hilarious comedy about work.

The Water Coolers specialize in delivering award-winning songs and sketch comedy that revolve around the universal challenges we all encounter in the workplace

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The Water Coolers

What The Water Coolers Do Best

The Water Coolers on stage facing in different directions

Welcome to a world of award-winning songs and sketch comedy that brings to life the challenges we all encounter in the workplace. Direct from the vibrant city of New York, The Water Coolers present a hilarious and relatable portrayal of annoying co-workers, the dreaded panic of an accidentally sent email, never-ending meetings, and our undeniable attachment to smartphones.

Whether it’s an after-dinner entertainment, spontaneous pop-up performances throughout the day, or a grand kickoff event, audiences instantly connect with the on-stage antics and find common ground with each other.

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Imagine a fusion of the beloved TV series “The Office” and the most uproarious YouTube parodies you’ve ever come across. Now picture this dynamic experience being performed live by top-notch talent from the heart of NYC. The Water Coolers take this concept and bring it to life, weaving together witty sketches and catchy tunes that will have you laughing till your sides ache.

With their exceptional ability to tap into the humor of everyday work-life situations, The Water Coolers create an atmosphere where laughter becomes the language of camaraderie. Their performances resonate with audiences across industries, bridging gaps and fostering a sense of shared experience.

Whether you’re seeking entertainment for a corporate event, team-building activity, or conference, The Water Coolers are the perfect choice. Their unique blend of comedy, music, and storytelling sets the stage for an unforgettable experience that will leave your guests in stitches and create lasting memories.

The Shows

The Water Coolers: The Shows

The Water Coolers raise their fists in the air

  • Mainstage Entertainment

    When you simply want your audience to laugh really hard and have a great time…

  • General Session Launch 

    How do you get your participants focused and ready to go when they might have hit the lobby bar after last night’s reception?

  • Awards Show / Employee Recognition Entertainment

    Awards shows should leave the winners feeling sky high, but unfortunately the actual business of giving awards can drag the pace to a crawl and leave participants wanting to stick a fork in their eyes.

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  • Comedy About Sales

    Sales meetings have one purpose: motivating future performance. One powerful way to achieve that is to show your team that you really get what they go through every day on the way to hitting the targets you set.

  • Fully Customized ShowIf you have specific messages that you have GOT to get across to your audience — about your brand, your plan, your future — call the police because The Water Coolers will kill it

The Water Coolers: Keynote Speaker

Keynote: Getting To Great Performance

For content to land, they have to really take it in and as sales legend Jeffrey Gitomer says, “The end of laughter is followed by the height of listening.”

Using the most time-tested techniques and hooks that we’ve developed, honed and performed over the past 15 years, we grab your audience’s attention with a mixture of belly laughs and song, highlighting the ironic and familiar hurdles that we all face, trying to deliver great performances in the modern world of work.

With the audience’s respect and attention in hand, we transition to deliver proven strategies (sometimes from our own experiences from the hyper-competitive entertainment industry), for them to stay calm, engaged, focused and motivated, when the next set of challenges come their way.

Clients include: Princeton Financial, CMP Conclave, American Society of Association Executives, Association of Texas Professional Educators


The Water Coolers: Testimonials

Two words: TOTAL SUCCESS! Your team was a gas and I truly thank you and them for all the hard work, professional delivery, and just plain “niceness” that you all showed during the project…as the songs continued, the laughter increased! And the finale…SPECTACULAR!!! GREAT SHOW!!!Kristen Hanousek Senior Director, Meetings & Events, Carlson
An amazing act for anyone that wants to bring fun, excitement, and belly aching laughter to their corporate event. We’ve used them a few times as the entertainment for our annual sales awards and they are worth every penny… They learn to understand what you need…then deliver a belly busting performance! Scott Kaplan Director of Sales Operations, Thomson Reuters
The Water Coolers did an outstanding job. The material, the energy and the enthusiasm of the troupe was one of the highlights of our Global Leadership Conference. It is often difficult when you have an international group, however the content and the way it was delivered struck a universal cord.Coretha Rushing Chief People Officer, Equifax

Clients include: Fisher Price, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, AT&T, Boy Scouts of America, Brother International, Bingham, and Genentech.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is "The Water Coolers" comedy about work?
"The Water Coolers" is a comedic performance that cleverly combines music and comedy to hilariously explore various aspects of the workplace, such as office dynamics, corporate culture, and everyday office experiences.
What type of humor can I expect from "The Water Coolers"?
"The Water Coolers" offers a unique blend of relatable humor, witty songs, and comedic sketches that revolve around relatable work-related situations. Their comedy is designed to resonate with audiences who have experienced the ups and downs of office life.
Can "The Water Coolers" customize their performance for my company's specific needs?
Absolutely! "The Water Coolers" can tailor their performance to incorporate customized content, including inside jokes, references to your company or industry, and specific themes related to your event. This personalization adds a special touch to their comedy and ensures a more engaging experience for your audience.
Are the performances by "The Water Coolers" suitable for all types of corporate events?
Yes, "The Water Coolers" are highly versatile and can adapt their performance to various corporate events, including conferences, team-building events, company parties, and more. Their comedy is designed to entertain and engage audiences of all backgrounds, making them a great choice for a wide range of corporate occasions.