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Jason Hewlett

Keynote Speaker. Virtual Speaker, Event Emcee

Jason Hewlett is a keynote speaker and event emcee for your next event. Your guests will be talking about it for years to come. An Inspirational Humorist, Master of Ceremonies & Entertainer, who has appeared at over 2,000 events in the last decade as one of the country’s premiere corporate event speakers and Master of Ceremonies.  From performing in every hotel in Las Vegas, to headlining the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, Jason has been a member of the National Speakers Association since 2003.  His message of joy, humor, and be your best authentic self is received with standing ovations from audiences worldwide.

Keynote Speaker

Jason’s flagship message, “The Promise”, is simple, profound, hilarious, and will put a renewed ENERGY into your Event

How does he connect The Promise Topics through music, comedy, and showmanship? Easy. SCIENCE. Studies have shown that when we’re laughing or listening to music, our retention levels go up by 65%! Without them – we’re looking at a lowly 12%. (Yikes!) But when your audience is laughing, engaging, singing and (yes) sometimes even dancing – they FORGET to check their phones, they let calls go to voicemail, they absorb and adopt what they are learning – and oh yes – they even come back for more. That’s conference gold.

Your event attendees will Laugh until they cry.  Jason’s Entertaining style is considered top in the world among his peers and clients. Your event attendees will Learn because they are Laughing.  Speakers say many words, but Speakers who are Entertainers ENGAGE your audience in the Event Experience you have envisioned for your conference. Your event attendees will Retain what they’ve Learned because it is Entertaining.

Synopsis of the Presentation:

Our world is different now, but foundational values remain the same: To deliver on our Promises, to be accountable to expectations and exceed them, and to always give 100% in every interaction.

In Jason’s entertaining and educational presentation, utilizing the legends of stage for establishing what a Promise looks like from a performance level, participants will be enlightened, energized, and entertained in a keynote unlike any other.

Music, comedy, stories, and powerful insights will leave your attendees talking about The Promise in their own lives, business, and how everyone can up their game in 2021.

As an event planner for the past 24 years, I’m not afraid to say that I can be hard to impress. I have booked Past Presidents, Astronauts, Motivational Speakers, Sports Celebrities, Magicians, and Drum Corps so I’ve seen my fair share of presenters. If you want to look like a “Rock Star” to your Clients, Board of Directors and Conference Attendees, you MUST book JASON HEWLETT! I have never been more impressed, and received such an overwhelming response about a performance. His presentation, delivery, musical interpretation and comedic timing WOW’d the audience! Two weeks after the conference and members are still talking about him! I cannot wait to book him for other clients I work with! HE KILLED IT! – Kim O’Dell

Virtual Speaker
Cutting Edge Technology + Multiple Virtual Studios + LIVE VIRTUAL Options for Your Next Event

As Events and Meeting Professionals scramble for solutions for LIVE Events, we have multiple options for your virtual events.  Is Engagement, Education, Entertainment and LIVE Experience still possible in this environment? YES!

Since COVID-19 hit in March 2020, Jason has successfully presented for over 100 Virtual Events from his Virtual Home Studio!

    Your Event Attendees need to CONNECT, LAUGH, be EDUCATED & ENGAGED by a proven ENTERTAINING Virtual Speaker ASAP!
    Your Company will be so GRATEFUL to connect as a COMMUNITY via ZOOM (or your chosen virtual platform) to remain INSPIRED to keep The Promise in their work.
    The Promise in Virtual is to instill CONFIDENCE, TRUST & EMPOWERMENT by bringing ENGAGEMENT & ENCOURAGEMENT virtually!

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