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Corporate Speaker
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Corporate Magician
Funny Corporate Magician
Funny Corporate Magician

Tim Gabrielson

Magician & Mentalist

Hire Tim Gabrielson

Hire Tim Gabrielson who is perfect as a Variety Act Show, Keynote Speaker and An Emcee/Host

Tim Gabrielson will inspire you with his words, entertain you with his breathtaking comedy and magic, and show you how to make small choices that result in a big difference. Whether your audience is comprised of owners, managers, or the front line staff, your group will walk away invigorated and equipped to infuse the Lemons to Laughter culture into their businesses and their lives.

Tim has two primary goals when he steps on stage:

1) Make sure, YOU, the event planner are happy that i did (step on stage), and

2) Inspire audiences.

In recent years, physicians have confirmed what we already knew…that laughter is good medicine! Science has rivaled common sense in providing findings that laughter is not only good for the soul, but also proven to be good for our health. Whether it’s the release of endorphins or the decrease in stress hormones that provide an overall sense of well-being and improved outlook, the cause isn’t as important as the result: A happier, healthier approach to everyday life!

Tim soon realized his humor was not only entertaining, but touching lives by allowing his audience to see beyond personal hardships, so he began infusing his show with a simple and profound take-away message:  How to turn Lemons to Laughter.  Tim teaches the audience how to use his invaluable insights to respond instead of simply reacting to life’s situations. His tried-and-true techniques leave the audience refreshed, renewed and anxious to implement the paradigm shift in their own lives.

Tim’s “Keep it Funny” philosophy, as highlighted in his signature book, Lemons to Laughter, is apparent throughout his laugh-a-minute show. Tim performs at more than 100 events a year. His vast appeal makes his program relevant for all audiences.

Keynote Speaker

Tim’s brand of keynote entertainment uses that magical blend while influencing attendees to modify thought patterns resulting in greater enthusiasm and improved productivity. By sharing his philosophy; that responding rather than reacting will change the outcome, he is able to guide audiences to focus on their own abilities to overcome obstacles simply and easily with one paradigm shift. As detailed in his book Lemons to Laughter, Tim ignites positivity resulting in greater success in every aspect of life. As Tim states, “You can be a fabulous magician and make people laugh but the real key is, give the audience something of value to take away.  I love to entertain but my true mission is to ignite people to live happier lives.

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