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Brad Montgomery

Corporate Mentalist | Funny Motivational Speaker | Event Emcee

Brad Montgomery is a corporate mentalist, humorist motivational speaker, business meeting energizer and happiness expert who travels across the nation and around the world speaking to audiences who want a message of hope, inspiration, motivation, and hope;  and they want the message delivered in a laugh-out-loud funny way.

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Mentalist for Corporate Events

Mentalist Brad Montgomery is Your (Very Funny) Answer.

The pressure’s on! This time, you need to book a sure-fire, can’t-miss entertainer, right? You gotta have a hit! Make your job a whole lot easier. Just book Brad. If you are looking for a corporate magician who is also a corporate comedian…. lucky you! You found him!

He dazzles ’em with Award-Winning mentalism and magic. Baffling magic. Hey-how’d-he-do-that-magic. He cracks ’em up with boy-next-door humor. Clean humor. Spontaneous and impromptu humor. Audiences laugh and guffaw. His show calls for audience participation. Folks get involved. Turn him loose on the weary multitudes and before you know it, you’ll hear laughing and guffawing and the happy cry that talent bookers love to hear: “Hey, down in front!”

If you’re looking to entertain an high-end audience with top-shelf entertainment you’re in the right place.

Motivational Speaker

Award Winning Motivational Speaker for Corporate Events

Brad Montgomery is a top motivational speaker with credentials. Probably the most impressive credentials are his clients; he has a ridiculously long list of happy customers reaching back over two decades.

But Brad has also received some prestigious awards. Including a real doozy: the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

This is the highest earned motivational award available from this prestigious group. (The highest award in the Hall of Fame. Get it? He has both. We know…nice.

The CSP is yet another way to guarantee that you are hiring a professional speaker who will not let you down. We know that if you Google motivational speakers you’ll find everybody from absolute pros down to that guy in Toastmasters who has spoken a couple of times at church. It’s hard to know if you’re hiring somebody who is the real deal. The CSP is another mark that Brad Montgomery will over deliver.

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Download Brad’s Keynote Topics.

Virtual. Your Team is Online Now. So Is Brad.

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Brad delivers his message of encouragement & engagement is more important now than ever.

Brad works virtual with you and your online meeting and events so that you can get your people to where you know they need to be. To increase performance. TO increase your bottom line.

Call today and learn how Brad can help you and your team virtually. Because the world is still moving, even if it’s different.

Processional Emcee

Funny, Professional Emcee for Corporate Events

Lookin’ for something to keep your conference humin’ instead of snoozin’? Lookin’ for something to make sure that everything runs smoothly? Have a ton of dense and important info you gotta get to your folks, but you’re worried that it is too much, too dry, and too boring? Need to make sure your people come back on time after the break?

Brad Montgomery is way more than a master of ceremonies. He’s also a top, award winning motivational keynote speaker. Most of his Emcee clients take advantage of the fact that Brad is a Hall of Fame keynoter, and then have him stay to emcee the entire event. Call today to talk about how we can customize and event just for your team.



Credits include: IBM, UPS, Jeep, All State, Boeing, Microsoft, John Deer, Broncos, Remax, Dept of Defense, Miller Coors

The best 90 minute investment ever in our people.MillerCoors
Best session I’ve seen during my 10 years at Microsoft.Microsoft
Transformational.John Deere Landscapes
This event was priceless… the energy level among our group was higher than I’ve ever seen it.Kaiser Permanente
Did a fabulous job… definitely going to bring him back.Northrop Grumman

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