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Tim Cavanagh

Clean, Musical Comedian

Hire Tim Cavanagh, if you’re looking for a clean corporate comedian who does customized comedy shows for business and association meetings and events, you’ve come to the right place!

What do AAA, the National Lime Association, and the California Farm Bureau Federation have in common? Aside from issues with lemons, they all agree that Tim Cavanagh is very funny! No joke!

Tim has brought his clean and engaging comedy to hundreds of business groups across the U.S. and Canada. With twenty years of experience, an abundance of clean and original material, and the ability to interact with your audience in a way that is always playful, friendly, and funny, Tim does a truly unique comedy show.

He prides himself in customizing every show. Tim does his homework, researching your website and speaking with members of your group on conference calls to learn about your business, your issues and your personalities. With that information in hand, he carefully crafts his material to create a one-of-a-kind show that really hits home. It’s never a “canned” speech. He delivers a fresh and personalized comedy experience every time out.

Tim’s national credits include ABC-TV, Comedy Central, Showtime, and WGN America.  He can be heard regularly on the nationally syndicated “Bob & Tom” radio show, where he has been a featured contributor for over a decade.  His funny songs have been showcased on Sirius XM radio, the “Dr. Demento” radio show, and BBC Radio 4.  He’s even been heard on Continental Airlines—at no additional fee (we’re pretty sure).

From AAA to Xerox, from Bayer to Weyerhaeuser, they all have laughed at Tim Cavanagh.  Tim’s comedy mission is simple—finding what’s funny in your business.  And then you’ll be laughing at him, too!


“Laughing Matters. It Really Does!” — Tim puts together a truly unique comedy show, including customized material written just for the group, funny songs, jokes, and even some not-so-fabulous prizes. The humor is always clean and appropriate.

Undercover Humor — Instead of introducing Tim as a comedian, he can be presented to the audience in a variety of “serious” personas. Examples range from a new bumbling Vice-President or confused industry expert, to a government official with frightening policy ideas, or anything in between.

Master of Ceremonies — Tim can make a day of meetings move smoothly with a healthy dose of comedy when needed, or can add to an awards banquet or recognition dinner with just the right combination of humor and warmth.

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  • AT&T - IBM - Home Depot 
  • BP America - Cargill - General Electric 
  • Glaxo Wellcome 
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