Virtual Emcee Hosts for Virtual Events

For any size event, a professional emcee can play an integral role in its success. In addition to keeping the event on track, a good emcee will set the tone for the event and provide a through line for the entire session or day(s) with a consistent, upbeat, positive presence.

What an Emcee Does for Your Event

Hire James P Connolly Master of CeremoniesEmcees can act as an extension of your team by highlighting your event goals, reinforcing key messaging, making announcements, introducing key speakers and engaging your attendees.

While an emcee can do all of the above and more, what they’re really doing is creating value for your guests. This is no small feat. It requires years of experience and the ability to improvise quickly in real time to the demands of any given situation. And, that’s just for live events.

Emcees for Virtual Events

As the business world pivots to hosting more and more of their events online, corporate emcees have adapted their skill set to meet the needs of virtual event planners as well. Whether it’s an hour-long meeting or a multi-day event, a professional emcee can help keep your event on track.

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