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Amy McWhirter

Virtual Host/Corporate Emcee!

Amy McWhirter is Soulful and Captivating. Energizing and Inspiring audiences to Connect and Take Action.

Your audience deserves to be moved.

Creating engaging virtual events is the talk of the meeting and conference planning industry.  Dare we say the word on everyone’s mind lately – “pivot”?  Well, it is the current reality and an apt term for today’s environment.  While we may miss the in-person energy and connection of live events, the good news is that audience engagement is still possible in a live broadcast and virtual event!  And, you could argue, that energizing presence may be more important than ever to tie themes together, engage audiences to interact with each other, and maintain focus with distractions lurking near attendees’ screens.

  • Amy can travel to your studio for live events or to record content
  • Or, stream live from in-home professional studio with optional green screen
  • And, provide content with full video production including multiple 4k or HD cameras, streaming platforms and editing

See all her videos here.

my McWhiter - Virtual Host EmceeWhy hiring Amy as your virtual emcee makes sense

Amy McWhirter captivates audiences in an authentic soulful way, creating real connection and impact. As a live event emcee and host, she is renowned for her warmly energetic, engaging and relatable approach that inspires audiences of all sizes to connect with key messages and take action. Amy creates continuity, drives deeper engagement and amplifies messaging so that audiences come away with deep value from their time invested in events. And, she loves the energy that comes with live – whether on stage, on-camera or virtual. Her clientele spans large corporations like Infosys, Honeywell, Whirlpool Corporation, Anaplan, SNK America, Elekta Medical, galas by Label Awards, Shop Global Awards, Executive Platforms and household names including Maytag, KitchenAid, Cadillac, Owens Corning, Cardinal Health.

See Amy Featured in The Wall Street Journal here 

Amy had the Experience as a Professional Host Emcee

Amy has years of experience as a virtual event emcee and broadcast host for sales training, internal and external corporate live broadcasts, team building, webcasts, hybrid in-person and live broadcast conferences.  Her authentically engaging nature invites audiences of all sizes to connect with messaging and take away key points, inspired, and ready to act on what they’ve learned. Invitations to network and type comments and questions, segues, interviews, announcements,  audience retention and engagement are all enhanced by a dynamic soulful emcee and host. Connecting with facial expressions, emotion and voice to virtual audiences through webcam or studio cameras is exhilarating to Amy, and perfectly suits her expertise and deep desire for attendees to find value in their time invested in events.

Amy McWhiter - Virtual TV HostAmy has been representing companies, organizations and brands since the very beginning of her professional speaking career as an on-camera and TV host and spokesperson.  She hosted the PBS TV serves Built to Last: The Green Home. From internal communication videos, promotional and web consumer videos, TV commercials, voice-overs, webcasts and live broadcasts, Amy is super comfortable on camera connecting with audiences.  Expert TelePrompter and Ear Prompter, moderation and interviewing skills, memorization and quick-thinking improv.

Amy has worked for years in corporate communications as a video producer, director and scriptwriter, often working in tandem with her husband who owns and operates a respected 20-year video production company in the Midwest.  She understands the importance of great content, stellar lighting, crisp audio, and all of the technical and production details that go into producing excellent video.


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  • Infosys, Honeywell, Whirlpool Corporation 
  • Maytag, KitchenAid, Cadillac, Owens Corning, Cardinal Health. 
  • Anaplan, SNK America, Elekta Medical 
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