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Are you suddenly being asked to plan or present online meetings? Joshua Seth Virtual Keynote Speaker can help. Let’s jump on a call and map out some solutions today.


Joshua Seth - Virtual Keynote Speaker- Funny Business AgencyAlmost overnight in-person meetings have disappeared and everything that used to be done face-to-face has moved online. In this new world, you’ll live or die by your ability to communicate with confidence, authenticity, and influence on camera and through a microphone. Sure, you may be an expert in your field but people will only perceive you as that to the extent you can communicate it – and communication is now happening online. Do it well and you will thrive despite adversity. Do it poorly and it can hurt your brand and kill your reputation. Discover how to show up, sound like an expert, and present yourself professionally online so you can grow your business even during this downturn.


• How To Be A Better Talking Head and Own the Zoom Room
• Overview Of The Tools You Can Use To Show Up Like A Pro
• How To Use Your Physiology To Support What You’re Saying
• Improve Your Tone of Voice So You’ll Sound Like An Authority
• Look Better, Sound Better, and Communicate With Confidence

“Joshua was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. By getting to know the audience, Joshua was able to tailor his presentation to set the perfect tone for our Innovation Summit. He inspired creativity and imagination, shared practical business advice, and made the meeting so much fun. Truly magical!”— DELOITTE


JOSHUA SETH is a world touring psychological illusionist, motivational speaker, best-selling author, & celebrity voice actor. He’s known to millions as the voice of over 100 animated TV shows and movies.

As a leading expert on presentation power and communication skills, Joshua is an in-demand Keynote Speaker for sales and leadership groups. His programs include interactive exercises that show your attendees how to communicate with confidence and unleash their vocal power.

Joshua Seth - Book Signing - Funny Business AgencyHe is the author of the best-selling book, Finding Focus In A Changing World, and has presented at Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and some of the world’s most innovative companies including Pfizer, Uber, Deloitte, and Disney.

As an actor, Joshua has lent his comedic voice to some of the most popular anime characters of all time and can be heard on nearly 100 animated TV shows and Movies. Millions of kids grew up listening to Joshua as the star of Digimon (the hit TV show and on all 7 movies), Tetsuo in the cult classic Akira, and various voices in Spongebob Squarepants. (IMDB)

And as a world-touring psychological illusionist, he’s performed live in over 40 countries, had 5 TV specials in South Korea and Japan, and won the coveted Magic Olympics at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.

“Joshua Seth just presented at our Global Summit. It was phenomenal. Really resonated with the audience.” — UBER

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  • 1st Place at the Academy of Magical Arts' "Magic Castle Olympics"
  • CBS - FOX - ABC - CW
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