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Laura Schwartz

Emcee & Keynote Speaker

Are you looking for a high end keynote speaker or emcee for a virtual event? From her roots as the White House Director of Events to her globe-trotting career as an emcee and keynote, Laura Schwartz brings her exuberant spirit and professional-speaking expertise to live events around the world.

About Laura Schwartz

Laura Schwartz is all about connection. Whether appearing on your stage or virtually through your screen; she connects to your audience, to your brand, to your objective, to people. As a professional emcee and keynote speaker, Laura motivates and inspires leaders across the globe and all industries delivering a powerful message to every audience — connecting them with you and your goals to create a lasting impact for your event. Laura was named One of the 100 Most Influential People in Global Events in 2019, 2020 and 2021!

Laura keeps an audience engaged while achieving your event’s objectives. She taps into her experience to forge a meaningful connection, whether she’s facilitating an intimate conversation on stage or addressing a crowd of 30,000 people.

Professional Event Emcee

Whether live on stage or through your virtual screen, if you want an event that your attendees won’t ever forget, success starts with Laura Schwartz  as your emcee. To see more examples of Laura’s background as an emcee,    take a look through her Emcee Spotlight and her Emcee Sizzle Reel.

Commanding the Stage

Laura Schwartz has hosted events all over the world, so there’s no stage or virtual technology that Laura can’t handle. She pairs her versatile on-stage experience with her natural charisma, giving her a level of comfort on stage that lets her focus on her one goal: making your event the best it can be. Laura has an energy and enthusiasm that reaches virtually through your screens keeping your audience engaged.

Keeping Things On Track

As your event emcee, Laura ensures the audience stays engaged with your mission. She makes sure your message is received while bringing an energy that keeps the audience focused and entertained.
As an on-stage interviewer or moderator, Laura keeps the conversation flowing so that your guests feel comfortable. That makes for a more informative, inspirational interview — and better value for your audience.

Becoming Your Brand Ambassador

Just as she says in her presentations as a keynote speaker, Laura doesn’t just focus on the Return on Investment (ROI) for your event. She also makes sure to achieve a Return on Experience (ROE). Whether it’s a short afternoon event or a four-day conference, her preparation starts far before the event begins. Laura does a deep discovery phase for each event, in which she conducts extensive research into your industry, brand, culture, mission, audience and more. She becomes your true ambassador and brings that to life both on and off the stage throughout your event.

Laura Emcees Virtually!

Laura engages your online audience as she emcees virtual conferences around the globe from her professional studio in Chicago. She ensures your audience feels connected, as if they are seated next to each other in the same place at the same time while she interviews CEO’s, moderates panel discussions and conducts question and answer sessions. Above all, Laura creates a professional touch to your virtual event while communicating your message and offering seamless connections between speakers and topics effectively with energy and excitement.

Whether from her in-house state of the art creative studio to the elaborate soundstage at LSAV Powerhouse of Chicago or on site at your production headquarters, Laura presents through the screens of your audience with a top level of technical confidence, substance and creativity.

Keynote Speaker

Custom Keynotes That Connect

Laura Schwartz is a motivational and high-energy speaker who delivers a custom experience for every audience whether from your stage or through a virtual keynote to your screen. Since 2001, she has delivered empowering keynote presentations on stages around the world. Because of the extensive research she does in advance, Laura is able to seamlessly weave key messages and objectives through her presentations, making it relevant to any audience in any industry — whether it’s an intimate gathering of 30 or a crowd of 30,000.

Professional Virtual Keynote Presentations:

Dynamic Energy, Virtual Delivery. Laura makes every participant feel a virtual connection to your message, mission and program.

Laura was practically born in front of a camera, and she grew up in her father’s award-winning photography studio, surrounded by lights and cameras. As a result, her virtual space feels like home, and she makes everyone watching feel the same way.

Prior to becoming White House Director of Events, she was the White House Director of Television where she created the connection between a President and the world by embracing technology and its ability to bring people together. She’s been in front of the camera as a television commentator since 2001, routinely looking into a single lens and addressing millions of viewers at a time, and making each person feel a connection at that moment.

She’ll do the same for you as an Emcee or Keynote at your next virtual program.

Laura is “virtual ready” and uses a variety of technologies with her clients to produce such programs. We have an in-house creative studio with professional equipment including lighting and both a plain or textured backdrop.

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