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Jon Petz

Event Emcee - Keynote Speaker

Jon Petz is a high end in-person and virtual event emcee and a keynote speaker.  Jon Petz, CSP is a performance and engagement expert, author and business magician. (Yeah, that’s a thing.) He has delivered over 1,200 wildly successful motivational keynote programs for world leading brands, industry and association conventions, and organizations of all sizes over the past 15 years.

Your event or conference emcee is a brand extension of your company or association. The emcee builds event equity, engagement and impact far beyond the onstage elements and is an essential part of your conference planning and event execution team.

Best Event Emcee Host

Not when Jon is emceeing an event and takes to the stage as Your Conference or Event Emcee!

Speaker and Event Host - Jon Petz with Dan Rather - Funny Business Agency

Call it what you will; Event Emcee, master of ceremonies, conference emcee or Live Event Personality. Engaging, relating to and interacting with business or association audiences isn’t easy. They’re typically sophisticated, jaded, and accustomed to high production values and flash. They bore quickly — victims of an entire career of long meetings.

When emceeing an event, your event emcee has to be energetic, engaging and entertaining immediately and consistently—exactly the brand promise Jon Petz has built with his “Bore No More!™” platform.

Jon is an engagement expert and THE leading authority on engaging an audience with energy & entertainment in addition to relevant content and insight that meets the design of your meeting.

Jon isn’t simply an event emcee that shows up to read a script you prepared. He is an engagement expert and can help as an event coordinator/producer when needed.  While emceeing an event, Jon ensures that the event attendees are fully engaged in the program, informed of what’s coming up and are reminded of the importance of what has taken place. Jon has the unique ability to instantly engage your audience, reengage them after breaks or lunch, and then perfectly sum up your message so the audience remembers the key points.

As an event emcee he delivers:

  • Relevant and timely content when needed. As a keynote speaker and author, you will be prepared for anything, before you even knew you needed to be prepared.
  • Tactful “call backs” to information and flash forwards to ensure the audience is involved and informed as per the objectives.
  • Proper timing and pacing of the event flow.
  • Effective emotional balance of the event.
  • Proven transitioning of speakers when emceeing an event with effective stage logistics.
  • Engaging speaker intro’s and outro’s to maximize credibility.
  • Crucial placement of program elements including awards, special and surprise guests, speakers, auctions, prizes, various media and announcements.
  • Most impactful use of comedy or entertainment components.
  • An effective use of music and lighting options to maximize the impact on the audience and the message.
  • A charismatic personality as event emcee that attracts and does not deter.

Audiences are Engaged & Mesmerized by Conference Emcee Jon Petz!

“Your expertise ensured all elements were perfectly executed.” — Make-a-Wish Foundation 25-Year “Big Wish” Gala featuring Rascal Flatts

Virtual Emcee & Event Host

Virtual conferences and events aren’t new – but they ARE new for a lot of organizations. The secret? Delivering an experience that is interactive, engaging and PERSONABLE to each participant – while streaming to your platform of choice and creating a true LiveCast production.

To do that? You need to understand the dynamics of viewer interaction, retention & engagement. AND, you need a highly experienced event host who can entertain (in a BIG way), engage (capture and KEEP attendees attention) and ensure message continuity and connectivity (so everyone walks away with ah-ha’s) throughout your entire virtual event. Jon Petz has personally produced over a dozen virtual events including full production hybrid events for clients. He has presented, keynoted or hosted dozens more and has the prominent list of clients and results to show the proof.


First and foremost – experience. Jon has been on camera for a virtual audience since the 90’s! (Remember the 90s?) He’s got you – and your team – and your audience – and everything covered. Experience equals less stress in a time when we all need less stress! Reviews through the roof. Online audience reactions to Jon’s performances include top rated reviews and comments like, “I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do next!” That’s the kind of engagement that makes all the difference.

Opening In-Person or Virtual Keynote Speaker

Jon Petz, CSP, is a virtual emcee, host, Keynote Speaker and performance expert who helps leaders and team members at all levels in an organization understand how and why to Master Their Performance. The result? A more productive, engaged and purpose driven team or organization.

Jon has presented over 1200 keynote speaker presentations for global and local brands and for associations at local, state, national and international levels. As an keynote speaker, he is like an ignition switch for audiences! He’s a high energy, inspiring keynote speaker that fuels the enthusiasm of the conference or event. He’s an entertaining keynote speaker that engages your audience to listen and learn. A conference keynote speaker that infuses his messages with the kind of humor that makes your attendees laugh out loud – and inspires them to want to do more, be more, and achieve more than they’ve even thought possible.

The Experience is a content-rich, inspirational and entertaining keynote that is uniquely and unequivocally – Jon Petz.

As a conference keynote speaker, Jon Petz will:

– Develop your leaders at all levels
– Create an engaged and purposeful sales and service organization
– Kick off your conference with a keynote speaker that will fuel the engagement, passion and pride in your participants from the  moment the doors open.

Jon is a master story teller, hysterically funny and brings real-world perspective from his years spent in the corporate world as a sales and marketing executive in the technology and insurance industries. . . As well as driving forklifts and stocking in a warehouse . . . flipping burgers . . . and starting three of his own businesses.

Keynote Speaker Presentation: “It’s SHOWTIME!”

The most hysterical, inspiring and jaw-dropping meeting you will ever have!
This original and most popular program appeals to all types of events as it’s designed for executive leaders, to business owners as well as the “It’s my first day” participants.

It’s not enough to ‘just’ show up, be ‘just’ an employee, or to stick with the status quo. In today’s world, merely meeting an expectation can be like doing nothing at all. Organizations need every team member and leader to show up strong and perform every day. And don’t we all want to be appreciated, respected and recognized for how we surprise and delight our customers, our team or our boss? Of course, we do! However, we struggle with mindsets, the unknown and the fact that we’re so busy JUST trying to make it through the day. To solve this, Jon will prove peak performance is simpler than you think. That you can perform at your best when the spotlight may suddenly shine and create a true SHOWTIME moment to be remembered. By combining the power of NOW, with the power of WOW you will leave this keynote experience and never be “JUST” anything ever again.

– Power of NOW
Power of WOW
– Realize your impact in an organization, family or community

At any given time – it might be YOUR time to fully engage, achieve greatness – and rise above the rest. You might not be expecting the spotlight, but when it hits – we must perform at our best. That’s SHOWTIME! Jon will share how your team or attendees can be ready, willing, and excited to take the spotlight and make a difference in their role, this conference and in life.

If you are looking for the engagement and WOW to open your conference or event – this is it! This high energy and entertaining keynote is perfect for the opening keynote presentation, all associate meetings and personal development.

“Create Significant Sales | Service Success” Keynote

Meeting expectations in today’s world? Not enough! Just getting by? Not an option! Flying under the radar? No way! In this engaging and funny session Jon takes the audience through the powerful process of taking OWNERSHIP for their own actions to increase sales and retention while seizing every day, every experience, and every opportunity in the process. He shares the value in turning mundane moments into SIGNIFICANT, memorable – even MAGNIFICENT chances to impact your customers and even the little corners of our world in positive, empowering ways.

Jon leads audiences to transform their moments from boring to BOOM. From mediocre to MAGNIFICENT. From OK to OUT OF THIS WORLD. What can that do for YOUR organization? Skyrocket productivity. Send morale soaring. Fuel long-term team connectivity. All of which helps them create a culture where creativity is applauded, service is exponential – and customers can’t wait to share your accolades.

Keynote presentation is structured for a sales or customer experience focus, or a combination of both.

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