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Mike Goodwin

Clean Comedian

Hire Mike Goodwin who is a clean and refreshingly funny comedian, speaker, and leader. His signature bowtie is a nod to his expectation-defying brand of comedy that leaves a variety of audiences – from corporate events to swanky galas – laughing hysterically and completely inspired, without a foul or vulgar word spoken.

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Clean Comedian


Mike Goodman | Clean Comedian | Funny Business Agency

Mike is a clean stand-up comic with a heart of gold. His comedy is laugh-out-loud, refreshing and almost wet your pants funny.

He uses joy as his strength to bring people together through laughter, instead of driving them apart. He has dedicated his comedic gift and wit to a style and delivery that is as clean as his bowtie.

Drawing upon his varied life experiences as a husband and father and careers in the military and education, Mike is able to relate to audiences from all walks of life. His vibrant personality, wit, and professionalism make for a unique combination that keeps him booked on stages stateside and abroad throughout the year to help meet his goal of leaving places and people better than he found them.


Keynote Speaker

Booo to boring keynotes! Hire Mike Goodwin for your next event.

Mike has got something way better in store for you. He will make your next conference or meeting refreshingly funny with his ability to leave people laughing and feeling good about themselves after just one session.

Trust me when we say this: The power of comedy can change hearts AND heal lives–all through simple smiles and laughter from a comedian wearing a bowtie.

Keynote Programs


Over the past ten years performing comedy in corporate, church and club venues, I have attained powerful and hilarious insights I want to share with you. This wisdom will empower you to recognize leadership lessons in unsuspected places, equip you with strategies to combat stress and anxiety, and provide tactics to improve workplace productivity. Let’s discover how the combination of “Leadership and Laughter” can catapult your organization to the next level!This program is perfect for Corporate

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I’ve walked into rooms with hundreds of total strangers and within 15 minutes, I am their long-lost friend (my wife wanted me to use “BFF” here). How is this possible? Comedians have the uncanny ability to say what everyone is thinking and even discuss controversial topics with ease. Over the past decade, my stand-up audiences have remained receptive and open-minded to my refreshingly funny yet thought-provoking brand of comedy. In this workshop, I will share the tips and techniques I have learned and empower you to have more comfortable critical conversations.​​This program is perfect for: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Most diversity presentations leave the majority group feeling enlightened or guilty, while the minority group is left feeling empty or vindicated.
Why do some members of your team immediately feel right at home and seen, while others feel like guests in someone else’s home and invisible? Would all the members of your team feel comfortable joining you in a foxhole? Research shows that engagement is a key factor that promotes high performance in organizations.This program is perfect for: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Christian Comedian

Christian Comedian

Whether it’s a comedy act for a church event or keynote address at a conference, Mike uses his ability to merge leadership and laughter, to help meet his goal of leaving places and people better than he found them. He’s appeared on Lifetime, BET, Dry Bar Comedy, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Daystar, USA the Word Network and Circle TV and been featured on SiriusXM and nationally syndicated radio shows. Mike has shared stages with Dr. David Jeremiah, Tim Hawkins, John Crist and Michael Jr., and participated in the USO Europe Comedy Tour. When not on stage, you can find him sharpening his skills as a writer for digital media outlets and platforms. ​

Mike was hilarious, inspirational, professional and outstanding! We cannot say enough good things!<span class="su-quote-cite">Mason Tanner, Cross Point Church</span>

A southern gentleman with a curious mind, love for people, and heart for God, Mike “The Bowtie” Goodwin is in a class all his own. Offering strength and healing through joy is his life’s purpose and comedy is the vehicle that helps him realize that goal. He resides in Columbia, SC with his beautiful wife Rozalynn and their two children.


Mike Goodwin Testimonials

Without a doubt, Mike elevated our conference and we are thrilled he was a part of it. One thing that struck us was his involvement during our conference. He wasn’t simply a hired speaker – he was a part of our conference and an extension of the SRI team.<span class="su-quote-cite">Margaret Zubrick SRI Management</span>
Having Mike on the That Sounds Fun Tour brought so much laughter to every room! He connects incredibly with each audience and his timing and content are spot on. He’s what every event is looking for when you partner with a clean comedian!<span class="su-quote-cite">Annie F. Downs New York Times Bestselling author, podcaster, and speaker</span>



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