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Clean Comedians and Corporate Comedians: What’s the Difference?

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Clean and Corporate Comedians

Corporate and clean comedians are not exactly the same thing.

What’s the difference? How do you pick one ?
Corporate comedians are well suited for a sales meeting, conferences, award banquets or a fundraiser.
A clean comedian offers an act that is appropriate for all ages and audiences. However, a clean comedian may not have the corporate experience you need to really engage and entertain your guests with relevant material.

If you are offering entertainment in a business setting, you want to ensure you hire a corporate comedian. If you don’t need that corporate angle, finding a well suited clean comedian works.

In our experience, most clean comedian inquiries are for corporate events, fundraisers for charity events.

We want you to have the most successful event possible. Here are a collection of tips that will help you find the best entertainment for your corporate event.

  1. Consider Experience. It’s important to select a comedian that has experience with corporate groups and organizations.  Many clean comedians do well in a comedy club or a theater or even a cruise ship – they just don’t have the material for a corporate event. Corporate comedians are comfortable in business culture and know how to play to your event audience. Comedians may also unintentionally misrepresent themselves. If you reach out to inquire about their experience with corporate comedy, they may have very little experience but believe themselves to be versatile to handle any audience. So they assure you that they will be a perfect fit for your event. You can avoid this by going through a reputable agency that knows their talent, knows what they have had the most success with and truly cares about your event being top notch.
  2. Factor in the Value of Trust. This is so important. You need to trust the performer you hire will be appropriate for your audience and hit the right funny notes. You want to relax and enjoy your event without any worry. One of the best ways to get the peace of mind you need is to work with a talent agency that has honed a skill for matching entertainers with audiences. Our sole job is to ensure you have the best entertainer and a smooth experience from start to finish.
  3. Don’t Forget Dependability. Do you know if the comedian you hired will actually show up? Do they have a history of being late or not making the shows? A great video doesn’t guarantee professionalism the day of the event. It is important to work with someone that you know is reliable. Working with a talent agency allows you to have comfort in the knowledge that the comedian has been vetted and used before. You can depend on professionalism on the day of your important event.
  4. Performance Preview. In a 5-10 minute video, you are seeing the best material that comedian has to offer. It doesn’t mean they know how to connect with the audience and work the room properly. It doesn’t mean they can carry a strong show for a 30-50 minute performance in a way that delights your audience.
  5. Details. Negotiations, contract details, pre-event phone calls, interviews and media – there is a lot to do on the admin side of finding and hiring an act for your event. If you aren’t an event planner, many of these details may be foreign to you. Working with an agency helps you iron out every detail so you feel clear and comfortable with everything.

When you invest in an event, your prime concern is the quality. You want every guest to walk away happy and with fond memories. The best way to ensure a successful outcome is to work with an experienced talent agency.  We are your event entertainment concierge. 

Our knowledge of what makes successful events, of the many acts we have and logistics of contracts and the details offers you an easy and significantly less time consuming experience. You are in great hands and are assured a better outcome for your event than if you tackle it alone.

Hire Clean Comedians

Contact us today to discuss your ideas and goals and we will make the perfect, custom suggestions for your event. Let us help you find the best clean corporate comedians.

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