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How to Choose a Clean Comedian for a Fundraiser

Hiring a clean comedian for a fundraiser can be tricky, especially if you don’t have much experience. Finding the right entertainer for any type of event requires careful consideration before coming to a final decision.  Comedians can vary greatly from squeaky clean, PG, and to very offensive. Carefully consider what entertainment agency you might work with and which comedians you intend to hire.

What does the comedian have to do?

Comedians not only range in style, but also in the way you may use them. When you start your search, you should know what you want your comedian to do at your fundraising event. Do you want them to Emcee or Host your event? Do you want them to perform their stand-up show like they would at a comedy club? Perhaps you want them to perform a musical number, or maybe just make an appearance. Whatever your requirement for them is, make sure you are hiring someone that performs in that way. Just like any performers, clean comedians need to know how to prepare.

What material is appropriate for your audience?

Finding a “clean” comedian is probably what you will be tasked with for a fundraising event. Unfortunately, there is no standard for “clean.” You’ll need to establish some guidelines that you want for your event and make sure the comedian you choose is comfortable with them. Even if your entertainment agency says their comedian is “clean,” it is up to you to make sure your definition is the same as their definition. For example, you may not want them to use certain language, or you may want them to avoid certain topics, so you’ll need to make that clear in your guidelines before you book them for the event. Communication is key to ensuring that you hire someone who is going to perform to your expectations.

Does your clean comedian match your culture?

Next, you’ll need to make sure that the style of the comedian matches with your own fundraising culture and demographics. It is best to know what your audience is going to expect. Some things to consider are:

  • Age – Older audiences might not understand a younger comedian’s humor, or younger audiences might not understand an older comedian.
  • Gender – An all-male or all-female audience might enjoy a comedian of the same gender, or possibly prefer the opposite gender.
  • Politics – Is your audience going to be more conservative or liberal? You’ll definitely need to ensure that your comedian’s style isn’t going to be upsetting to your crowd.

What kind of experience does the comedian have with your cause?

Finally, is your cause something that you want the comedian to tailor the act for, and do they have personal experience with it? This isn’t only good to know for your audience, but many comedians enjoy supporting certain causes and may even offer special rates for those events. Stand-up comedy isn’t just about laughs, and comedians are a passionate group of people, so finding someone that supports your cause can make for an even better performance.

Regardless of the choices, make sure you tell the performer or the entertainment agency you are booking them through, exactly what you are wanting in the performance so there are no unexpected surprises. Communication is the key to planning any event, and hiring a comedian for a fundraising event is certainly no exception.

How to hire a Clean Comedian for your Fundraiser

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