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Nash Fung

Corporate Magician

Combining magic, psychology, mind-tricks, and a whole lot of originality, corporate magician Nash Fung will elevate the atmosphere for your next event.

Corporate Magician

From performing on national TV to presenting at corporate events worldwide, Nash’s magic has drawn praises from Penn & Teller: “I love this routine, that was terrific!”. Microsoft: “Folks were in awe!”. Boeing: “Simply amazing & entertaining”. Whether as a magician creating a wow factor or a motivational speaker sharing inspirations, he will make you look great for producing an event that is engaging, fun, and full of stunning magic your guests will be raving for years!

Live In-Person Corporate Event Magic Show

Check out his videos and see how he can bring TV quality magic to your event. Show options include:

Mingling Magic Show

Nash will connect your guests as he performs original & visually stunning magic among the crowd. Designed for events where your guests will be mingling. The perfect ice-breaker.

Stage Show

The “wow factor” show that your colleagues will be the star on stage. You will see magic that gets the entire audience participating and laughing, thought provoking mind tricks that’ll stun everyone, and illusions interlaced with positive messages that’ll motivate your audience

Virtual Magic Show

Virtual magic shows now available.  With an extensive background performing on television and computer screens, Nash’s expertise in connecting with viewers on-screen can help you facilitate a virtual event that will engage and entertain everyone.

What to Expect

In Nash’s virtual magic shows, your guests will take part in many interactive illusions using their household items. Mysterious feats will physically unfold to those items in their hands which creates a ‘hands-on’ experience for your virtual event.

Whether you have 10 or 1,000 people, all attendees can participate in these interactive illusions together. It is a great way to engage every participant in your “Zoom meeting”, making it a highly collaborative and fun activity for your group

“By far the best entertainment we’ve had in 20 years” ~ Edward Jones Investment

Keynote Speaker | Inspirational Magician

 If you are looking for a speaker who’ll engage your attendees, entertain them, and provide a spark of inspiration, Nash has the following inspirational keynote in addition to his magic shows:

“Achieve More With Your Curiosity”

The surest way to fall behind is to believe you’ve known everything. That’s why inspiring your emerging leaders to be more curious is vitally important in today’s competitive marketplace. When your team is led by individuals who are curious, they will be more innovative, persistent, agile, open to improvements, and ultimately create more success. In this entertaining keynote weaving interactive magic, comedic stories, and meaningful takeaways, Nash will show you the secrets behind fostering curiosity to help you drive more success.
“Everyone truly loved your message as well as your magic. The whole team came home with a positive attitude and tons of inspiration. Thanks so much for helping make our event a success!” -Andrew Hutchinson | Marketing Director | ZwillGen PLLC
Learning Objectives
  1. Learn the 4 elements that will boost your curiosity
  2. Discover how curiosity can empower you to be more persistent
  3. Learn the benefits of being a curious learner
  4. Identify your next meaningful goal and be inspired to take action immediately ACCOLADES


Trusted by top corporations internationally (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, Intel, Nintendo, and more). His work had earned him accolades from the corporate events industry (Voted 2x “Best Entertainment Provider”), the university events industry (Voted 2x “Magician of the Year”, “Mentalist of the Year”), and the wedding industry (3x winner of “Best Reception Entertainment”)

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  • Microsoft Boeing IBM 
  • Amazon Google ESPN  
  • Toyota Facebook T-Mobile 
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