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Need ideas for virtual and remote team building activities? Hosting a successful corporate event online is all about creating engaging activities that bring everyone together. From creative tasks to interactive games, we’ve come up with some fun and entertaining ideas to inject some life into your online team building sessions.

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Remote Team Building

What is Online Team Building?

Fish Sticks - Virtual Improv Comedy - Funny Business Agency

Remote team building is just like regular team building, except employees interact with each other online, from remote locations. Most of the time, the online team building activities that we plan are hosted via Zoom, WebEx, or some other virtual conferencing platform.

Online Entertainment Ideas

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities - Funny Business Agency

When it comes to activities for remote teams, we offer a TON of options. For example:

Magic & Mentalism

Gather up your remote employees for a stunning virtual magic show. We offer live and pre-recorded performances by world-class magicians and mentalists that your employees are sure to love.

Improv Comedy

Nothing brings a team together like laughter. If a virtual magic show doesn’t fit the bill, maybe an improv comedy show will. Take Fish Sticks Improv, for example. The team is incredibly talented, fun, and a great option for virtual team building events.


Looking for something a little more interactive? How about a virtual trivia game? Let one of our experienced hosts manage the event for you, while your team goes head-to-head in a friendly competition of “who knows more random stuff.

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Escape Room

Okay, you’re looking for something completely off the wall to help bond your team. A virtual escape room is just the thing to do it! We’ll lock you and your employees in a digital room and you’ll have to work together to solve puzzles and escape before the clock hits zero.

Mixology Classes

Does your team appreciate adult beverages? Then knock their socks off by planning a mixology class for your next remote team building event. A qualified professional will teach you and your employees how to make decisions cocktails from the safety of your own kitchens.

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***** 5 Star Testimonial  I reached out to FBA to help coordinate the entertainment for a team building / milestone celebration event with my project team. They were fantastic in taking much of the overhead around planning a successful event off my hands. They were very attentive to my needs and made sure the talent was responsive and supportive. At the end of it, I have received a wave of favorable responses from my team with how much they enjoyed the actual event and with FBA’s ability to handle the details, I would highly recommend others looking to host a memorable experience.<span class="su-quote-cite">Drew Hill, Instrumentation Laboratory</span>


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are virtual team building activities?
Virtual team building activities are collaborative games, challenges, and exercises designed to enhance team unity, promote communication, and build trust among remote teams. These activities can take many forms, from online trivia games to virtual escape rooms, remote paint parties to virtual scavenger hunts.
How can virtual team building activities benefit my remote team?
Remote team building activities can provide a platform for team members to interact and engage beyond work-related tasks, fostering a sense of camaraderie and encouraging interaction. They help build trust among team members and encourage collaboration, increasing productivity and job satisfaction.
What types of virtual team building activities are suitable for my team?
There is a wide range of remote team building activities available, including online trivia games, virtual chocolate tasting, remote magic shows, virtual mixology, virtual escape rooms, and origami. The right activity depends on your team's interests, size, and objectives.
Can virtual team building activities be customized to fit my team's needs?
Yes! Virtual team building agencies specialize in creating tailored virtual team building activities that meet your team's unique needs. Our expert organizers will work with you to design an activity that fits your budget, objectives, and team size.
How do I book virtual team building activities for my remote team?
Booking online team building activities is easy. Simply contact an experience agency like Funny Business Agency, they will help you select the perfect activity for your remote team.