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American Idle - Corporate Virtual Talent Show

American Idle

Virtual Talent Show

Looking for virtual talent show? Discover hidden talent in your organization! Book the American Idle Virtual Talent Show and boost morale and togetherness during these times of social distancing.

Why a Virtual Talent Show?

Your group is required to stay home and be separated. But during this time, take advantage of getting to know each other in a whole new way.  This virtual event is facilitated by comedian Rik Roberts. Each “show” he will be joined by fellow entertainers to give feedback and encouragement. 

American Idle – Virtual Talent Showcase

American Idle - Virtual Talent Showcase - Funny Business Agency

American Idle is a virtual talent show for companies and organizations who want to connect their members or employees during these tough times. Clean comedian Rik Roberts hosts the show and assembles video clips of your group’s talent. The voting (optional) will be left up to your group. Whether it is a one-time event, or a multiple week showcase is up to you. 

You all watch on the release date in real time and are able to comment as the show unfolds. Lots of fun and a real morale booster.

Boost Morale for your Organization

Historical times are upon us. Leaders are challenged to keep their organizations focused and productive. Laughter and camaraderie can reduce stress and build connectivity. This virtual event will accomplish all of those goals and give you a boost when so many are feeling stressed and fearful.

Rik Roberts - Clean Comedian - Funny Business Agency

The Virtual Game Show Host

Rik Roberts has appeared on Dry Bar Comedy, PureFlix Clean Comedy All-Stars, CMT, TBN and more. He is based out of Nashville, TN. But the beauty of this event is we can all be wherever we currently are hunkered down.

Event Consultation

Schedule an event consultation with American Idle. Together, you can figure out your needs and create an event that will be talked about for years to come.  You will get tips on what to do to make your event shine. American Idle is here to help! Virtual Event Ideas for Groups and Organizations will be the way things get done the next few months. Schedule your event now!

Hire American Idle Virtual Talent Show

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