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Trivia Stream - Virtual Game Show - Funny Business Agency

Virtual Game Show

Trivia Stream – Virtual Game Show

Trivia Stream - Virtual Game Show - Funny Business Agency

Our Trivia Stream – Virtual Game Show is just the answer to your needs, whether it’s to keep your team connected and interacting, or treating your customer base to a sponsored event to entertain them (and advertise you) – we’ve got you covered.

As work moves on-line and people practice social distancing, it becomes more difficult to connect with your team or your customers in a fun and meaningful way.  But this new paradigm doesn’t have to be void of engagement. It’s time to think in new directions to engage people.

Build a community with virtual programming!

We can help.

Our “Trivia Stream” live streaming game show is a live event game show, streamed from our studio, just for your invited group. Specify a time, spread the word through your e-mail and/or social media, and we’ll put on a live game show just for you, complete with an amazing host, prizes, fun trivia questions from our bank of thousands of questions and we can even include custom questions to help you with training, customer retention or just about any objective.

Whole new virtual game show written just for the virtual space!

This is NOT just an online trivia game. This is a full on, interactive (on many levels) game show. There’s a big difference.

Unlike many shows popping up and calling themselves “virtual shows” this show was written from the ground up to tackle the unique nature of a streaming shows. We carefully structured it to retain viewers right up until the end, engage everyone in the audience, and make it extremely entertaining at the same time.  Our shows currently are showing a 95% retention rate from the beginning of the show until the end – so they’re proving to be quite engaging.

How does Trivia Stream streaming game show work?

A private URL and a QR Code will be sent to you to use to promote the event. This makes sure YOUR GROUP have an experience that is just for them. Our LIVE HOSTS engage and entertain while we ask questions and create unique audience interaction. As a question is asked, the quicker you answer, the more points you get, but if you get it wrong, you can lose points too! So be fast, but be accurate!

Each round is 10 questions long and a winner is announced at the end of each round. We have lots of surprises throughout the show to increase the fun, to keep students engaged and to retain viewers right up until the end! We verify the winner is a part of your group and then we e-mail them an Amazon gift card.

Trivia Stream - Online Game Show - Funny Business AgencyLive stream game show hosts interact with your group directly.

Our live host keeps the show fun and entertaining and helps put on a show – not just play a game. Remember, this is a live streaming game show put on just for your.  As with our live “in person” shows, the hosts are the heart and soul of the show and we’ve developed ways to interact with the streaming game show audience in unique and fun ways.

Each show will last about 45 minutes to an hour. Each round your guests will have a new chance to win gift cards – so they’ll hang out  and play the whole time. There’s even a chat room to help everyone feel more a part of your community.

The cost is quite affordable and every show is just for your group. You are not “lumped in” with any other group the only people playing are your guests.

You can schedule one show, or save some money by scheduling several events.

What we offer is a unique, one-time event where your guests can engage, participate and potentially win some much needed prize money!

What makes Trivia Stream – Virtual Game Show unique?

  • Host Gus Davis exudes charisma and professionalism
  • Prize money (gift cards)
  • Customizable trivia to your specific needs
  • A one time event – created just for you!
  • Unique URL and Game Play Channels just for your group so it’s a private event!
  • Creative game flow, carefully thought out to keep people engaged with chances to win!
  • Capitalizes on the idea of HQ Trivia, but for a smaller, private audience where you’ve got a real chance to win some prizes.
  • Quick paced , hosted show – not just online trivia questions.
  • Live interactions between host and chat.
  • In game support – a crew of four produce every show, Host, Chat Host, Chat Moderator & tech support, and a dedicated show director/technician to make the show look amazing.
  • A level of production and support that blows away our imitators.
  • All the fun of a live game show – plus you get to participate and win!

Anyone can “play games” online, but we’re the only company that’s truly offering a GAME SHOW with all of the production value and quality that your players deserve. Don’t risk a low-quality event, the future of your future virtual programming lies in the success of the programs you do. We guarantee a great show.

Call us for any questions or to book Trivia Stream – Virtual Game Show for your remote event.

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