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If you are looking for a slick and fun-filled virtual Drag Queen Bingo for your event or party, you’ve come to the right place.

Number 1 Virtual Bingo event in the world!

This is the most successful Zoom Bingo show in the world and and the host regularly does virtual events for celebrities and Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, eBay, Diageo, Gumtree, Clairol, Mac Cosmetics, Netflix, Disney, Docusign, Meraki etc.

About Drag Queen BingoDrag Queen Bingo - Pride Clients - Funny Business Agency

The virtual bingo shows are corporate clean. 90% of companies and colleges that our host is booked with use his 60-minute show.

Charlie can host up to 500 players at a time on Zoom.

Many of our corporate and college clients have enjoyed the event so much that they have rebooked multiple times for other regions or departments.

Great news, it’s turnkey! (We provide the you with a zip file containing the Bingo cards which you then distribute to your guests. No player information is ever retained.)

How Drag Queen Bingo Works

The Virtual shows are like a live show (lots of songs, jokes, silly dances, etc.), but with even more interaction as the host is able to bring individual players on screen for a chat. The virtual bingo host creates a party-like atmosphere and aims to bring together and connect colleagues and teams that are working remotely.

We can host up to 500 players on the host’s professional Zoom account from our fully kitted professional live stream studio. We can also provide clients with a custom video like this.

We have a large LED screen on the set and can include your company logo or branding on set during the show. We can also create custom music playlists and themed events with the appropriate costumes and set decorations. In the past we have done, Flower Power, Halloween, Christmas, 1980’s, Club Tropicana, Mad Hatters Tea Party etc.

Virtual Drag Queen Bingo - Funny Business Agency

What about the prizes?

The clients provide 3 prizes that suit their budget and can be E gift cards, a box of chocolates or a bottle of bubbly from an online retailer. We have learned from over 450 events in the past 13 months that players have so much fun connecting with their colleagues and friends that the value of the prizes is a secondary consideration.

Virtual Drag Queen Bingo Testimonials

“We loved Charlie’s Bingo so much we are booking him again for a bigger virtual gathering!” – Tara Scarioni, Netflix

“Charlie has hosted a dozen events for Cisco, his shows are always a hit with our teams” – Craig Buckland, Cisco

“Just brilliant” – Elton John

“A pandemic silver lining” – Bettina Sherrick, Warner Brothers

Thanks for a dazzling show, I think you are FAB!” – Joanna Lumley

“5-star entertainment” – Carrie Jackson, Snapchat

Customizing Virtual Bingo

The show is highly interactive and broadcast clean. The host can create custom-branded invite video which you can use to promote your event. We can incorporate your company branding on the LED screen on the set of the show.

About Charlie Hides

Your host is a former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, he is known internationally and has over 160K followers on Instagram. He is Royal Television Society Award-winning comedy drag superstar and Queen of Bingo!

Book Virtual Drag Queen Bingo

Call or email Funny Business Agency to hire Charlies Hide’s Drag Queen Bingo for your corporate or college event.

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  • eBay, Amazon, Netflix,  
  • Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco 
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