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Virtual Drag Queen Bingo

#1 Best Virtual Bingo event in the world!

This is the most successful Virtual Drag Queen Bingo show in the world and in the past three years, Charlie has hosted over 1500 events for hundreds of the world’s biggest companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco, eBay, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Meta and many more…

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Virtual Bingo

Virtual Drag Queen Bingo

Zoom Drag Queen Bingo | Corporate Events | Remote Teambuilding | Funny Business Agency

Virtual drag queen bingo is becoming an increasingly popular activity for team building and corporate events, as it offers a unique and engaging way to bring participants together for a fun and entertaining night. By incorporating drag queen performers as hosts and entertainers, virtual bingo games can be transformed into lively and interactive events that are sure to leave a lasting impression on attendees.

  • Our virtual bingo shows are corporate clean. 90% of companies and colleges that our host is booked with use his 60-minute show.
  • Charlie can host up to 500 players at a time on his Zoom account.
  • Many of our corporate and college clients have enjoyed the event so much that they have rebooked multiple times for other regions or departments.
  • Great news, it’s turnkey! (We provide you with a zip file containing the Bingo cards which you then distribute to your guests. No player information is ever retained.)
  • Perfect for Team building, Diversity Events, LGBTQ+ history month and Pride Events.
  • Also we have themes for Holiday Parties, Halloween & more.

How Virtual Bingo Works

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If you are looking for a slick and fun-filled virtual event for your company event, you’ve come to the right place.

His virtual shows are like his live show (lots of songs, jokes, silly dances, etc.) but with even more interaction as he is able to bring individual players on screen for a chat. He creates a party-like atmosphere and aims to bring together and connect colleagues and teams that are working remotely.

He can host up to 500 players on his professional Zoom account, from his fully kitted professional live stream studio. He can also provide clients with a custom video.

Charlie has a large LED screen on the set and can include your company logo or branding on set during the show. He can also create custom music play lists and themed events with the appropriate costumes and set decorations. In the past we’ve done, Flower Power, Halloween, Christmas, 1980’s, Club Tropicana, Mad Hatters Tea Party etc.

Musical Bingo

Virtual Drag Queen Musical Bingo

Zoom Musical Drag Queen Bingo | Charlie Hides | Funny Business Agency

Virtual Drag Queen Musical Bingo is the perfect antidote to Zoom Burnout for groups!  The perfect end of the day, Team Social/ Happy Hour event. Need a pick me up for your remotely working team?

Musical Bingo replaces numbers with some of the most uplifting and joyous musical hits from the past 5 decades to entertain your remotely working team. This extravaganza of non-stop musical hits is hosted by the legendary Charlie Hides, star of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Musical Bingo will engage and entertain even the most laid back of your employees and will get them tapping their feet as they dance and sing-a-long to hit after hit while crossing off the song titles on their custom Bingo cards.

With over 30 years of experience as a professional entertainer, Charlie will get everyone energized and engaged at your next virtual Happy Hour!

LGBTQ+ History

Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion with Virtual Drag Queen Bingo

Online LGBTQ+ HISTORY BIngo - Funny Business Agency

LGBTQ+ History Show

Celebrate LGBTQ+ History  with the legendary Drag Queen Charlie Hides for an interactive and fun-filled experience that is perfect for the whole team. Buckle in and prepare for a fully interactive live show featuring songs, jokes, silly dances and of course bingo- all while learning important LGBTQ+ history! This unique Bingo game replaces numbers with gay icons, famous queer artists, activists and historical figures as well as significant moments in LGBTQ+ history. It’s as informative as it is entertaining. Each time a ball is pulled instead of a number you’ll receive a brief explanation about a historic date or person in LGBTQ+ history. e.g. Oscar Wilde, Section 28, Stonewall Inn, Alan Turing etc.

The music played will all be celebrated Queer artists like Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, Ollie Alexander etc. or recognized allies and gay icons. e.g. Cher, Madonna, Gaga, Dolly or Gay anthems, like “I’m Coming Out” and “Born This Way” etc.

Throughout there will be opportunities for people to score “bonus points” by being the first person to answer a trivia question in the chat.


Virtual Drag Queen Bingo Testimonials

Just Brilliant!Elton John
AMAZING! Charlie kept the crowd engaged and entertained the entire time. It was such a fun event!Salesforce
I legitimately don’t have the words… THAT WAS THE BEST EVENT EVER! Thank you so much, my inbox is being flooded with messages of how fun it was. Incredible planning, incredible hosting, I can’t say thank you enough! Please thank Charlie as well for us – couldn’t have asked for a better host.Warner Music Canada
Charlie has hosted a dozen events for Cisco including our world wide CFest, his shows are always a hit with our teamsCraig Buckland, Cisco
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We loved Charlie’s Bingo so much we are booking him again for a bigger virtual gathering!Tara Scarioni, Netflix
Charlie was amazing! So funny that we had to not make each other laugh for an hour after because they were sore from laughing at the event! Would absolutely recommend!Quartzy

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is virtual drag queen bingo?

Virtual drag queen bingo is an online version of the popular game that features drag queen performers as hosts and entertainers. Players can join in from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and participate in a fun and interactive game experience. It is great for remote team building fun and corporate online meetings.

How do I play virtual drag queen bingo?

It is easy play virtual drag queen bingo.. Generally the game show host will have all you need and provide you with a link for everyone to join in. Once you’ve registered and joined the game, the drag queen host will guide you through the rules and gameplay. Most virtual bingo games include prizes and other interactive elements to keep things fun and engaging.

What are the benefits of playing virtual drag queen bingo?

Playing virtual drag queen bingo can be a fun and unique way to socialize and connect with remote teams and clients online, while also supporting the drag community and performers who host the game. Many virtual bingo games also include opportunities to win prizes and interact with other players, making it a memorable and entertaining experience.

How can virtual drag queen bingo be incorporated into team building and corporate events?

Virtual drag queen bingo can be an ideal team building or corporate event activity, as it’s a fun and interactive way to bring teammates and colleagues together for a night of entertainment. The game can be customized to fit the theme or goals of the event, and the drag queen host can help facilitate team bonding and networking opportunities. With the ease of online participation, virtual drag queen bingo can also be a great way to connect remote teams and colleagues.

Why is it important to have the best drag queen host for a virtual drag queen bingo event?

The drag queen host is the heart and soul of virtual drag queen bingo, and having the best host can make all the difference in creating a memorable and entertaining event. A skilled and experienced drag queen host can keep the game moving smoothly, engage players with witty banter, and create a fun and inclusive environment for all participants. This is especially important for team building and corporate events, where the host can help break down social barriers and foster positive communication and collaboration among participants.