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Virtual Trivia Host, Ryan Budds, is also a comedian, TV producer, and actor who has hosted over 3,000 trivia nights and comedy shows in LA and Chicago. Before starting his hosting biz, Budds worked as a segment producer for Super Jacket Productions and Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness on MTV and also appeared in the first Sharknado movie. He’s also appeared in other crazy movies like Airplane VS. Volcano, Jurassic Planet, and Snake Outta Compton, just to name a few more of the most ridiculous titles. On TV, he’s been on Beverly Hills Pawn, How I Met Your Mother, and FOX’s Laughs.

Artist/Attraction Rating: 5 stars
“Trivia with Budds was so much fun! This is our second time having the Virtual Trivia with Ryan and we can’t say enough good things. The entire time we were laughing and joking. Ryan is GREAT at what he does. You won’t be disappointed if you book him.” – Toni Marie, Playwire   

Professional Host for Virtual Trivia

If you’ve been to other trivia nights, you’ll always remember the questions but it’s rare where you recall the host. Budds is great at getting to know you on the fly, and your friends and family will dig his group games, jokes, and challenges. In addition to hosting trivia, Budds can run engaging raffles for your fundraiser, customize questions for your occasion, and even officiate your wedding (he’s done eight of them!) If you’re looking for a flexible host, you just found him. Budds prides himself in providing the all time best kind of trivia pulled from pop culture’s finest franchises. If you like movies, music, TV, comic books, video games, and anything FUN, he’s got you covered.

Ryan is perfect for remote online meetings, sales meetings, team building, conferences, colleges and more.

Artist/Attraction Rating: 5 stars
This was the first time but definitely not the last time that we will use the Funny Business Agency. We had a virtual event for some of our associates and the whole process went seamless. We had the best host for our trivia, Ryan Budds. He is an amazing comedian and an even more amazing trivia host. He kept everyone engaged and kept the whole hour going. There were no lags in the entertainment and he really went out of his way to make everyone want to participate. We have done a lot of events in the past, obviously, not virtual ones, but we have never received as much positive feedback from our associates as we did with this event. We would like to say a huge thank you to Ryan and the team at the Funny Business Agency!  – Lori Mohler, State Auto Insurance Companies

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