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Virtual Trivia with Budds

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Virtual Trivia with Budds is one of the hottest virtual trivia games in the country. The virtual trivia host is also a comedian, TV producer, and actor who has hosted over 5,000 trivia nights and comedy shows in LA and Chicago. Before starting his hosting biz, Budds worked as a segment producer for Super Jacket Productions and Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness on MTV. Fun fact: he also appeared in the first Sharknado film, as well as other crazy movies like Airplane VS. Volcano, Jurassic Planet, and Snake Outta Compton. On TV, he’s been on Beverly Hills Pawn, How I Met Your Mother, and FOX’s Laughs.

Ryan can host Virtual Trivia or Virtual Bingo (numbers, music, pictures, trivia)  for up to 1,000 players.

Artist/Attraction Rating: 5 stars
“Trivia with Budds was so much fun! This is our second time having the Virtual Trivia with Ryan and we can’t say enough good things. The entire time we were laughing and joking. Ryan is GREAT at what he does. You won’t be disappointed if you book him.” – Toni Marie, Playwire   

Best Virtual Trivia Host for Online Trivia

If you’ve ever been to a trivia night, you probably remember the questions. But it’s really rare for attendees to recall the host. Budds is great at getting to know you on the fly, and your friends and family will dig his group games, jokes, and challenges. In addition to hosting trivia, Budds can run engaging raffles for your fundraiser, customize questions for your occasion, and even officiate your wedding (he’s done eight of them!) If you’re looking for a flexible host, you just found him. Budds prides himself in offering the all time best kind of trivia pulled from pop culture’s finest franchises. If you like movies, music, TV, comic books, video games, and anything FUN, he’s got you covered.

Ryan is perfect for remote online meetings, sales meetings, team building, conferences, colleges, and more.

Virtual Trivia Themes

Budds works with you to create a custom trivia experience for your group based on rounds and gameplay that fit your workplace, party, or venue. The possibilities are endless, and your friends and colleagues will be talking about your trivia event for years to come.

Themes can include famous people, 80’s music, sports, holiday parties, Halloween, and hundreds more.

Fundraising with Virtual Trivia

Virtual trivia allows for many fundraising opportunities, whether you’re an individual organization or have a host of sponsors. Here are a few ways Trivia With Budds can provide guidance:
  • Logo placement for your biz or a sponsoring biz
  • Game code word customization (something like, for example)
  • Background picture/all color codes can be matched perfectly with a company’s scheme
  • Offering to have a question in the round about the company
  • Selfie video of a boss or head asking an actual question in the round
  • Playing a video/ad before or after their sponsored round
  • Showing a graphic of any kind during their round with a coupon code/ad
And for other ways to raise money during the show:
  • Directing players to a silent auction
  • Showing text-to-give campaigns with Venmo/PayPal/Etc. links
  • Offering donators the chance at a raffle for x amount of dollars they donate
  • Charing teams to register, or individual players to play, offering custom team names

Virtual Bingo

Virtual Bingo Card

  • Individual gameplay for up to 500 players
  • Players mark off digitally or printed out cards
  • Number Bingo, Music Bingo, Picture Bingo and Trivia Bingo varieties
  • Customize shows with specific requests:  80s Music, Nerdy Movies, Holiday Trivia, and more
  • Award fun prizes to round winners
  • Add some color with Bingo daubers or markers
  • Get your crew singing, dancing, and laughing along!

 Other Virtual Game Shows with RyanVirtual Trivia and Game Show Host - Funny Business Agency

Good for groups of 50 people or under 

  • Family Feud
  • Wheel of Fortune

Hire Virtual Trivia with Budds

Call or email us to book Virtual Trivia or other online game shows with Budds for your event.

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