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Hire a Dry Bar comedian for your corporate event, award banquet, company holiday party, fundraiser or private event? You can trust that these are clean comedians and that they are perfect for In-Person or Virtual Corporate Events.

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What is Dry Bar Comedy

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Dry Bar Comedy is an online platform where you can access and enjoy clean comedy. Established in 2016, the creators of Dry Bar Comedy launched VidAngel Studios, which produced original content, starting with comedy specials.

Dry Bar Comedy has become one of the most popular websites for fans of clean comedy. In a world where adult language and content have become the norm, Dry Bar Comedy provides a refreshing alternative. You can enjoy hours of laughter without worrying about inappropriate language or subject matter.

So if you’re looking for a source of wholesome entertainment, head on over to Dry Bar Comedy and discover comedians who are both hilarious and clean.

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Corporate Events


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Dry bar comics provide the perfect option for corporate events and other gatherings. They specialize in delivering clean jokes that will make your crowd laugh without offending anyone. Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted bit of entertainment or an hour-long closing performance, these comedians can keep the laughs coming with their witty wordplay!

Below are some more of the clean comedians available for events. All the Dry Bar entertainers you may have seen are available to hire for your event. So just ask us if you don’t see them here.

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Hire Dry Bar Comedians


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Funny Business Agency, America’s leading comedy booking agency, has hand selected the top  comedians that are perfect for corporate and fundraiser events.

Some of our favorites include: Brad UptonDon FriesenDwayne PerkinsKaren Morgan, Tony Deyo & Cory Michaelis to name a just few. See some more ideas here.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Dry Bar Comedy?
Dry Bar Comedy is a clean comedy platform that produces and distributes family-friendly comedy content. It features comedians who perform without any offensive language, making it ideal for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
How can I book Dry Bar comedians for my event?
You can book Dry Bar comics for your event by reaching out to their individual agents or booking agencies directly. They will be able to provide you with information about their availability, pricing, and contractual agreements.
Are Dry Bar comedians limited to performing clean comedy only?
Yes, Dry Bar comedians are known for performing clean comedy exclusively. They commit to keeping their content family-friendly and free from any profanity or offensive material.
Who are some popular Dry Bar comedians?
Some popular Dry Bar comedians include Ryan Hamilton, Steve Soelberg, Shayne Smith, and Taylor Tomlinson. They have performed at various events, including corporate events, fundraisers, and college campuses.
Can Dry Bar comedians tailor their performance to the audience or event theme?
Yes, Dry Bar entertainers are versatile and can tailor their material to suit the audience or event theme. They can work with you to create customized content that fits your needs and ensures a successful event.