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Karen Morgan

Clean Comedian - Former Attorney

Licensed to practice law both above and below the Mason-Dixon line, Karen’s background as a trial attorney and corporate clean material make her a perfect choice for corporate events from after-dinner entertainment to master of ceremonies or auctioneer. As a comedian lawyer, Karen’s humor brings laughter to many corporate events and fundraisers for charitable organizations.

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Clean Comedian

Clean Comedian for Corporate Events

Karen Morgan - Comedian and MC - Funny Business Agency

Karen Morgan was born and raised in Athens, Georgia but now calls Maine home. A former trial attorney, she began her professional comedy career as a Finalist on Nickelodeon Television’s “Search for the Funniest Mom in America.” Since then, she has performed in comedy clubs and theaters from New York to Hollywood.

Karen has 2 Dry Bar Comedy specials, Rub Some Dirt On It (2023)(Named #4 in Dry Bar Comedy’s Top 10 Clips of 2023) and Go Dawgs! (2020). She can be heard on Sirius XM Radio and other audio streaming platforms. Her latest audio album, Shiny Happy People Laughing (named with special permission from REM) was recorded live in her hometown of Athens. Karen’s TV appearances include comedy shows, talk shows, and ads for companies like Wal-Mart and Zyrtec. Karen’s clean shows in Performing Arts Centers around the country have made her a favorite among theater audiences.

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Still licensed to practice law in Maine and Georgia, she lives in Cumberland, Maine, where she is an avid open water swimmer and cold most of the year. She enjoys traveling for shows, especially to places that have a Waffle House along the way.

Event MC

Event MC & Host

Karen Morgan stands out as an exceptional event MC and master of ceremonies for corporate events, bringing a rare blend of legal acumen and comedic brilliance to the stage. Her background as a former attorney provides her with unparalleled professionalism, sharp wit, and the ability to think on her feet, qualities that are essential for engaging and captivating an audience of professionals. Karen’s comedic style is clean, relatable, and tailored to suit the corporate environment, ensuring that all attendees enjoy a memorable event without the risk of offense. Her expertise not only lies in delivering laughter but also in seamlessly guiding the event’s proceedings, making her an invaluable asset for any corporate gathering.

She excels in creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere, encouraging participation, and keeping the event flowing smoothly with her charismatic presence. Whether she’s introducing speakers, entertaining guests during transitions, or conducting charity auctions, Karen does so with a perfect balance of humor and professionalism. Her unique position as a comedian lawyer allows her to connect with diverse audiences, making every event she hosts an engaging and uplifting experience.

Former Attorney

Former Attorney Turned Comedian

Inject humor and rejuvenate the atmosphere of your next law conference or bar meeting with Karen Morgan, a seasoned comedian with a rich background as a former trial attorney. Karen transitions from the courtroom to the stage with ease, bringing clean, clever, and highly relatable comedy that’s perfectly tailored for legal professionals. Her unique perspective as a lawyer-turned-comedian allows her to craft jokes and stories that resonate deeply with her audience, making her an ideal choice for events looking to blend professional insights with laughter.

The verdict? Funny, entertaining and perfect for our annual meeting. Maine State Bar Association

Karen is the ideal choice for:

  • After-dinner speaker engagements where you want to end the night on a high note, with attendees leaving in better spirits than they arrived.
  • Holiday events where her humor can shine, adding a layer of warmth and camaraderie to your festive gatherings.
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) conferences where her expertise and comedic timing can bring a welcome break from the more serious content, helping attendees to relax, recharge, and more effectively absorb information.
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Additionally, Karen’s versatility makes her a standout choice for various other legal event formats, such as panel discussions, networking events, and legal retreats, where her engaging storytelling and observational comedy can foster connections and enhance the overall experience. With Karen Morgan on the stage, you’re not just getting an act; you’re ensuring an unforgettable experience that blends professional relevance with pure entertainment.

Looking to add some laughter to your law conference or bar meeting? Comedian Karen Morgan, former trial attorney and speaker, brings clean & clever comedy to your event!


Testimonials for Karen Morgan

Thank you for your hilarious show last night! Feedback on the entire show was tremendous. The best part is that we raised a bunch of money to help fight heart disease had a great time doing it. Paul Smith, American Heart Association
Karen’s performance was great. It’s hard to know what our large group will find funny, but Karen did an unbelievable job making connections with hilarious stories of motherhood, marriage and life that our 550 attendees could relate to. Good, clean corporate entertainment is hard to predict, but I would highly recommend Karen’s brand of comedy for large or small groups.Brian Parke, Motor Transport Association President & CEO.
Comedy through the perceptive eye of a wife and mother; prepared with the tenacity of an attorney; and tempered with a dash of southern charm. Karen Morgan hits home for men and women alike.Bill Taylor, Director
Karen believes in the adage ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and dispenses her own brand (without a prescription) wherever she goes. Executive Director, Cancer Community Center
Thank you so much for being the “star” of our fundraising event. The night was a success and fun and laughs were had by all. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you.Children's Discovery Museum
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What makes Karen Morgan a unique choice for corporate events?

Karen Morgan brings a distinctive blend of professional legal experience and clean comedic talent to corporate events. Her background as a trial attorney, coupled with her career as a comedian, allows her to connect with diverse audiences through humor that’s both relatable and appropriate for a corporate setting.

Can Karen Morgan customize her comedy for different types of corporate events?

Absolutely. Karen Morgan’s expertise in both the legal and comedic fields allows her to tailor her performance to suit the specific needs and themes of various corporate events. Whether it’s delivering tailored jokes for a particular industry or incorporating company-specific themes into her act, Karen’s flexibility and professional background make her adept at creating a personalized and engaging experience for her audience.

Is Karen Morgan available for virtual corporate events?

Yes, Karen Morgan is also a seasoned virtual entertainer, offering her comedy services for digital corporate events. This versatility ensures that organizations can enjoy her entertaining performances regardless of geographical constraints or the necessity for remote gatherings, making her an excellent choice for companies adapting to virtual event formats.

What has been Karen Morgan’s career highlight since she started stand-up comedy?

Since beginning her professional comedy career, a notable highlight for Karen Morgan was being a finalist on Nickelodeon Television’s “Search for the Funniest Mom in America” in 2005. This achievement not only kickstarted her career in comedy but also showcased her ability to connect with a wide audience through her humor.

How can one book Karen Morgan for a corporate event?

To book Karen Morgan for a corporate event, interested parties should contact Funny Business Agency. They provide booking information and additional details on how to secure Karen Morgan for your next corporate function, ensuring a smooth process to bring her unique brand of clean comedy to your event.