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Unique Entertainment Ideas for Gala Events

Unique Entertainment Ideas for Gala Events Whether you are planning a Fundraising Gala Event or a Black Tie Gala Celebration, you want the entertainment to wow your guests and be assured it goes smoothly with an experienced performer. Bands have always been a standard choice for entertainment, but here are some unique ideas whether you […]

Corporate Entertainment Ideas to Make Your Next Event

Picture this: You are at yet another dull corporate event, mindlessly scrolling through your phone, yawning between lukewarm catering courses. Sounds familiar? Now imagine the buzz in the room instantly turning electric as an unexpected live performance or interactive experience has everyone wide-eyed with excitement! Corporate entertainment can be so much more than soulless cover […]

The Art of Live Entertainment: Captivate Your Audience and Make Your Event Shine

Welcome to the world of live entertainment! Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a fundraiser, or a special event, incorporating live entertainment can take your event to the next level and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Live performances have a unique ability to captivate and engage people in a way that other forms […]

Unleash Your Corporate Team’s Creativity with these Top Entertainment Ideas

Are you looking for fresh and creative top entertainment ideas for corporate teams and meetings? From virtual entertainment options to in-person shows and activities, here are a wide range of corporate entertainment ideas that will leave your team feeling energized, motivated, and inspired. What are some of top entertainment ideas for corporate teams?: 1. Virtual […]

What Does A Rat Pack Tribute Show Consist Of?

\ Recreating The Magic of The Originals A Rat Pack tribute show is a recreation of the magic of the original group, including their antics, dialogues, personas, and, most notably, their music. While some tribute shows mix in their own take with the old, you can expect the new version to have elements that mirror […]

Top 10 mistakes to avoid when booking a Rat Pack tribute show

Are you planning on booking a Rat Pack tribute show? If so, you are in for a treat! However, as with any type of event entertainment, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid. This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive list of the top 10 mistakes to avoid when booking a Rat […]

8 Best Convention Entertainers for 2023

Are you planning a large convention or conference? Then you need to book the best conference and convention entertainers for 2023 to make sure your attendees enjoy every second of your event. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Who are the best convention entertainers? Here are the eight best convention entertainers available: 1. Jeff Civillico […]

Hiring a Comedian for Your Corporate Event – What to Consider

Hiring a comedian for your corporate event can add a unique element of fun and entertainment that will surely be remembered by your attendees. But, how do you know which comedian to hire? What factors should you consider when making your selection? Let us break it down step by step. Researching Comedians   Before you start […]

4 Conference Entertainment Ideas For 2023

Business conferences are powerful. They give professionals the chance to meet their colleagues, network with important players in their industries, and propel their careers forward in tangible ways. If you’re planning a conference, you know all of this. But do you understand the importance of conference entertainment? Better question: do you know which corporate entertainers […]

7 Unique Entertainment Ideas for Gala Events

Unique Entertainment Ideas for gala events can really take your Gala to the next level, whether it’s with a famous celebrity, unique musical act or high technology entertainment. There are a wide variety of stage acts, roving and atmospheric acts, as well as stunning WOW entertainers. Here are some videos of unique entertainment ideas for […]

5 Virtual Kick Off Entertainment Ideas

  Looking to host a stellar virtual event? Then you’ll want to kick it off on the right foot. That way your audience is engaged from the beginning. Fortunately, this is easy to do with the five virtual kick off entertainment ideas in this article! It doesn’t matter what you have planned — virtual SKO […]

Why Book Corporate Event Entertainment?

Are you planning an event for your business? Maybe it’s an intimate sales meeting. Maybe it’s a mega convention for industry pros. Whatever the case may be, corporate event entertainment will make it way better. In this quick article, we’ll explain exactly what corporate event entertainment is, why it’s so important to your success, and […]

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