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The 6 Warning Signs of Low Employee Morale

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Take a look around the office, what do you see?

Are your employees engaged in and excited about their work? If the answer is no, your company maybe suffering from low employee morale, which would be bad news for your entire organization. Like, really bad news.

The truth is, low employee morale can have devastating effects on your business’ efficiency, growth, and revenue. There’s a silver lining: dissatisfied employees don’t have to stay that way. Keep reading and we’ll show you how to solve this problem.

Signs of Low Employee Morale at the workplace

So, what does low employee morale actually look like IRL? Here are a few signs to watch out for:

1) Employee Absences

Do your employees take an abnormally high amount of sick days? Don’t worry, they’re not lying to you. They really are sick, but not with a contagious virus. They’re sick of working for your company. Low employee morale usually results in greater absences.

2) Excessive Complaining

Does Jerry grumble about the office printer on a regular basis? Does Sally whine about the coffee in the break room? If your team is constantly complaining about seemingly trivial things, your company may be experiencing low employee morale.

3) Employee Conflicts

What about in-office drama and excessive team spats? These things can take a toll, stealing energy and attention from employees who would otherwise spend it to achieve company goals. It’s also a surefire sign of low employee morale.

4) Poor Communication

Remember when Bobby first started at your company? He was gung-ho about everything—and let you know about it. These days, communication is kept to a minimum. When he does decided to speak with you, it’s usually results in a tense conversation. If any of this sounds familiar, you’re likely witnessing the effects of low employee morale.

5) High Turnover Rate

Have you calculated your turnover rate recently? Maybe you’re scared to do it because employees are running out the door like the building is on fire and replacing them is costing you serious coin. Sounds like a low employee morale kinda problem.

6) Zombie Employees

Oh, if your team wanders around the office aimlessly, while moaning and grunting about brains, you probably have a low employee morale problem, too. (Word to the wise, just get out of there. You can’t help your team at this point. Save yourself!)

How to Build Workplace Morale

Have you noticed the signs of low employee morale that we mentioned above? Fret not! As mentioned earlier, this is a fixable problem. By making a few simple changes, you can boost employee satisfaction levels to new heights.

Empower Your Staff

Does your staff feel empowered in their roles with your company? If not, morale will be low.

Give your team the tools they need to succeed. For sales departments, invest in a quality CRM software. For marketing divisions, purchase monthly subscriptions to top-rated email and social media management apps. And for customer service teams, get that newfangled chatbot solution they’ve been raving about for the last six months.

Just remember, tools aren’t everything. Give your employees a bit of freedom and responsibility, too. While you’re at it, make sure they also feel comfortable expressing themselves to management and unleashing their creativity from time to time.

An empowered staff is a satisfied staff. Get this part right and low employee morale will disappear.

Invest in Team Building

Next, host a few team building events to bring your employees closer together. The relationships they build during these times will help them enjoy their work more because they’ll be working alongside people they understand better.

What if your employees work remotely? No problem, virtual team building is totally a thing!

Host a virtual escape room experience. Round up the troops for a night of virtual trivia. You know what? Go crazy and book a virtual mixology class for your team to enjoy. There are so many fun options available to you.

By prioritizing team building events, you’ll eliminate low employee morale faster than they can say, “I quit!”

Hire Professional Entertainment

Another way to boost workplace morale is to hire corporate entertainment.

There’s no shortage of options in this regard. You could, for example, book a clean comedian—AKA, a super funny person who will make your employee bust a gut, without telling off-color jokes. Or hire a magician or mentalist. These talented performers will astound your audience. Seriously, they’ll be talking about the performance for weeks afterward.

Why does professional entertainment help boost low employee morale? One, because it’s fun. Two, because it makes employees feel valued. They’ll think, “Wow, the boss must appreciate what we do. He wouldn’t have booked this awesome comedian for us if he didn’t.” And three, it gives employees shared experiences, which will help them bond. When that happens, the sky’s the limit.

Partner With Funny Business Agency

We can’t help you empower your team. It’s on you to invest in software and create a working environment in which your employees feel fulfilled. But, we can help you plan an amazing team building event and/or book a stellar entertainer.

At Funny Business Agency, we have decades of experience in the events industry. In that time, we’ve built relationships with some of the world’s top performers. As such, we can book them for you and save you the hassle.

Sound like a plan? Then let’s get started!

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