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4 Conference Entertainment Ideas For 2023

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Business conferences are powerful. They give professionals the chance to meet their colleagues, network with important players in their industries, and propel their careers forward in tangible ways. If you’re planning a conference, you know all of this.

But do you understand the importance of conference entertainment? Better question: do you know which corporate entertainers to hire for your event?

In this article, we’ll explain why entertainment is essential to a successful business conference, and give you four conference entertainment ideas you can book in 2023.

Why is Conference Entertainment Important?

“What’s the big deal,” you’re thinking. “I’ve been to plenty of conferences that didn’t have entertainment. Do I really need to book a performer for my next industry shindig?

No, you don’t have to. But there are many reasons why you should. For example:

  • Better Engagement: Let’s be honest, conference entertainment is fun. When event attendees have a good time, they’re more likely to engage in conference content. Since audience engagement is a key sign of event success, this is a big deal.
  • More Excitement: Conference entertainment can also help boost excitement, especially before your event starts. Think about how much easier it will be to promote your conference if you can say “X Amazing Performer” will be there.
  • Greater Profits: Finally, conference entertainment can boost profits. Sure, you’ll have to pay performers to participate. But the increased engagement and excitement levels will more than cover these small expenses, leading to higher profit margins.

Conference entertainment is important But which performers should you book for your next get-together? Keep reading to learn four amazing conference entertainment ideas.

4 Conference Entertainment Ideas

There are a lot of acts you could book to entertain your crowd. But the four conference entertainment ideas below are the cream of the crop. Let’s take a look…

1. Clean Comedians

Clean Comedian - Meghan Hanley - Funny Business Agency

Everybody likes to laugh, which is why a comedian is the perfect choice for your conference entertainment needs. Especially if said comedian is committed to telling clean jokes.

Why do we recommend a clean comedian for your next shindig? Because these performers are both incredibly funny and completely inoffensive. This means you’ll be able to thoroughly entertain your audience without worrying if they’ll be appalled by inappropriate jokes.

Some of the best clean comedians in the business include: Jim Gaffigan, Andy Hendrickson, Dwayne Perkins, Pat McGann, and Colin and Brad.

2. Magicians & Mentalists

Hire Corporate Magician Tom Pesce

Magicians and mentalists are great conference entertainment ideas as well.

Firstly, nobody can impress a crowd quite like a magician or mentalist. That’s why these kinds of entertainers regularly perform at events for major brands like Facebook, Netflix, American Express, and HBO—just to name a few.

In addition, magicians and mentalists are a rarer form of entertainment than, say, comedians and rock n’ roll bands. This means they’ll help your industry conference stand out from others.

Some of the top-rated magicians and mentalists include: Ben Seidman, Colin Cloud, Oz Pearlman, Derek Hughes, and Digital Deception

3. Game Shows

Best Game Show Ever - Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

Maybe you’re looking for more hands-on conference entertainment ideas. If so, you should definitely try booking a corporate game show for your next event.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a trade show, B2B convention, company Christmas party, or any other kind of large-scale corporate event. Game show-style entertainment will increase participation and help your audience have WAY more fun.

Here are a few of the top corporate game shows available to you: Bonk the Game Show, SURVEY SAYS, and Trivia With Budds.

4. Variety Acts

The Evasons - Mentalist Duo - Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

What’s a variety act, you ask? Could be anything from a juggler to a speed painter to a ventriloquist. It’s a wide category of entertainment, which is why it has “variety” in the title.

Variety acts are perfect if you’re looking for conference entertainment ideas that are a little bit outside the box. In fact, most audiences LOVE these kinds of performers because they aren’t your typical, run-of-the-mill entertainers that everyone’s seen before.

The list of “best variety acts” starts and ends with: Ivan Pecel, Jeff Civillico, The Amazing Christopher, PaintJam, iLuminate, and Jeff Dunham.

Virtual Conference Entertainment

Jeff Civillico - Wall of Faces - Virtual Host - Funny Business Agency

One of the best things about the conference entertainment ideas mentioned above is that each can be booked for virtual get-togethers as well as in-person ones.

If you manage a fully remote and/or distributed team, or want to exercise caution until the COVID-19 pandemic completely subsides, consider hosting a virtual conference. There are plenty of clean comedians, magicians, game show hosts, and variety acts who can perform via Zoom.

Book Conference Entertainment Ideas

In conclusion, the conference entertainment ideas above will improve your corporate event. The key is to book the right performers at the right price points. We can help with that!

Contact Funny Business Agency today and we’ll connect you with the perfect comedian, magician, game show host, or variety act for your get-together. If you want, we can even help you plan your entire event to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Talk to you soon!

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