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What Does A Rat Pack Tribute Show Consist Of?

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Recreating The Magic of The Originals

A Rat Pack tribute show is a recreation of the magic of the original group, including their antics, dialogues, personas, and, most notably, their music. While some tribute shows mix in their own take with the old, you can expect the new version to have elements that mirror the original one.

Simple Setup

A Rat Pack tribute show consists of a relatively simple setup. There are no huge sets, special effects, large casts, dancing girls, fancy costumes, or special lighting. All they require are two stools, a high-top cocktail table, and a sound system. A follow spot is optional. They bring their own tuxedos, drinks, and music! This simple stage setup enables them to perform in a variety of locations without a lot of fanfare or an expensive stage set or crew, making travel very easy.

Adaptable Show

The show is very adaptable and can run anywhere from a 20-minute feature at an event to a 90-minute concert-style show. “The Rat Pack Now” is very flexible and can make any last-minute changes seem invisible to the audience. The relaxed nature of the original Rat Pack shows allows for funny offbeat humor, and even unplanned occurrences can be improvised into the show seamlessly.

Performance Tailored to Target Audience

The Rat Pack tribute show should be flexible in that it can adapt its performance style to fit different age groups or audience types. One reason why “The Rat Pack Now” is in such high demand is because they can easily tailor their performance to the audience they are hired to entertain, be it a corporate crowd, concert, or nightclub setting.

Tailor-Fit to Venue Size

Another element that may be modified in a Rat Pack tribute show is the music. While there are certain signature songs that would be missed in a Rat Pack show, there are some numbers that can be swapped out for others. Classic songs that are mainstays in the show, for example, would be “New York, New York,” “That’s Amore,” and “Candy Man.”

Meet and Greet

In addition to the actual performance, “The Rat Pack Now” performers can also do a “meet and greet” with show attendees, as well as pose for photos with the guests after a performance.

Audience Participation

Audience participation is always a highlight of the show from the cast’s perspective as well as the audience’s, with fun and verbal interplay.

In short, you can tailor-fit a Rat Pack tribute show according to your target audience and venue size. “The Rat Pack Now” can be counted on to deliver an exciting, fun, and nostalgic performance that will win over crowds of all ages.

About the Guest Author

Art Paco - Rat Pack Now - Funny Business Agency Art is the writer-producer of “The Rat Pack Now,” featuring his Dean Martin portrayal.  In addition to this show’s current 17-year run, he’s previously toured locally, regionally, nationally and abroad with his original productions, “Lucy, We Have Company!” and “My Big Fat Italian Wedding” plus his many custom-designed tribute shows for the corporate entertainment and special events markets.

Hire the Best Rat Pack Tribute Show

Any one of these 10 mistakes could derail a wonderful Rat Pack tribute show, so consider all of the above when booking your show. This will not be a problem when dealing with experienced professionals like The Rat Pack Now.

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