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Greg Warren: The Best Sales Meeting Speaker

Corporate Comedian Greg Warren

Are you planning another sales meeting? Why not jazz this one up and hire the best sales meeting speaker to come and motivate your sales team?

Greg Warren is a talented comedian and in-demand speaker. In fact, he’d be the perfect addition to your sales department’s next gathering. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Greg, explain why he’s so popular, and show you how to easily book his services.

Who is Greg Warren?

Let’s start with an introduction…

Greg Warren is the sales meeting speaker your sales department needs. Don’t believe us? Then answer this question: who else combines comedic talent with extensive experience in sales and a desire to mash these two things together to create something truly unique.

“It was hilarious. I just loved the fact that it tied in and was relevant to what we do on a day to day basis.”  – Clayton McArthur, Dir. Of Sales, Fairlife

When it comes to educating and entertaining sales teams, you can’t go wrong with Greg Warren. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what makes Greg so great.

What Makes Greg Warren so Great?

Greg Warren is a top sales meeting speaker because of his experience and his ability to see the humor in various sales situations. Let’s explore these two things a bit more.


The life of a salesperson is unique.

Greg understands what your sales reps go through on a daily basis because he’s been there. Before he started touring the country as a professional comedian, he spent 10+ years as a sales rep for Procter & Gamble, selling everything from Pringles to Sunny Delight.

These days, Greg has a lot of experience as a professional speaker, too. His client list includes mega-brands like Coca-Cola, Coldwell Bankers, and the Cincinnati Reds of the MLB.

In other words, Greg gets sales and how to capture a sales rep’s attention with his keynotes.


As mentioned earlier, Greg Warren is a professional comedian.    

But he’s not your average, run-of-the-mill joke teller. He’s actually been really successful, having appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Presents, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, BET, and CMT.

Because of his background in comedy, it’s no surprise that many of Greg’s keynotes deal with humor. Two of his most popular ones are titled: “The Funny Side of Sales” and “Using Humor to Overcome Failure.” Each one gets rave reviews from past clients.

“He brought stories of failure and the hardest thing to teach a new salesperson is that failure is okay. You just gotta shake it off and go to the next one and he really brought that out in a way that especially the new salespeople could understand.” – Roger Zearley, East Region Manager, Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Another thing we love about Greg is that his act is 100% clean—something you can’t say about many of the comedians working today. This means you won’t have to worry about off-color jokes that offend your reps, rather than make them laugh.

Book Greg Warren Today!

If you’re looking for the best sales meeting speaker, Greg Warren is your guy. Fortunately, booking him for your company is a walk in the park.

All you have to do is contact Funny Business Agency. We’ll then put you in contact with Greg, help you iron out your agreement with him, and handle every other little detail. Easy peasy.

Book Greg Warren for your next sales meeting!

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