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4 Ways to Make a Sales Meeting Fun

Employees think meetings are long, boring and offer nothing new or interesting, according to a 2012 survey. Only 56 percent of meetings are productive, say senior and middle managers. Instead of motivating staff, sales meetings are often a complete waste of time. It doesn’t have to be this like this. Here are four ways to make your sales meetings more fun.

1. Get an Influencer to Speak at Your Sales Meeting

Sales meetings often cover the same old ground. Managers talk about sales quotas and sales reps struggle to stay awake. Hiring an influencer adds a whole new perspective to your meetings. These industry figures will inspire your team and motivate them to smash their sales targets.

Influencers are so effective because they bring a new viewpoint on common sales-related subjects like lead generation and conversion funnels. They also provoke debate in the boardroom and stimulate sales growth.

Two out of three sales reps fail to reach their annual sales targets, according to one study. Influencers might help reverse this trend.

2. Play a Game

When you want to discuss sales with your team, playing a game might seem counterproductive. However, research shows that games improve learning retention and memory recall. You can divide your sales reps into small teams, for example, or reward a prize to the rep who wins your game.

You can also use games for team building. Games can enhance communication between members of your sales team, improve problem-solving and influence decision-making. “Retention increases when learning is interactive, rather than passive, and games inherently do this by offering challenge, risk, curiosity, and control,” says Chanin Ballance from Salesforce. “Studies show that a key to learning retention is follow-up, which is why games that encourage repeat play are so effective.”

3. Hire an Entertainer

Who said sales presentations had to be boring? Hiring an entertainer takes your next meeting to a whole new level and boosts engagement rates significantly. Entertainers help you connect with your audience and convey important information in an innovative way. A motivational speaker, for example, can empower your sales staff and encourage them to realize their goals.

Comedians are a popular choice for sales meetings and corporate events. These entertainers create a fun, relaxed atmosphere and could even improve learning. Research shows that laughter helps people retain information, increase participation and boost performance. Humor reduces anxiety, too.

4. Use Visuals

Visuals let you convey complex information to your sales team. You can use images, videos, charts and graphs to supplement your sales presentation and increase audience participation. Visual content is a fantastic way to spice up any sales pitch and inspire your sales reps.

Countless studies show the effectiveness of visuals for memory recall. One study, for example, suggests that people retain 65 percent of visual information three days after a presentation, compared to only 10 to 20 percent of written or spoken information. Moreover, 90 percent of all information transmitted to the brain is visual, and people process visual content 60,000 times faster than regular text.

These four steps will help you turn your sales meetings from bland to brilliant. Getting an influencer to speak at your meeting, hiring an entertainer, using visuals or playing a game increases audience engagement and makes your meetings far more interesting. Fun meetings could also improve employee productivity and spur sales.

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