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Joe Larson, a virtual comedian, is now doing both live and virtual comedy shows for corporations and associations around the country.

Virtual Zoom Bomb Comedy - Funny Business Agency Zoom Bomb Comedy - Virtual Comedy - Funny Business Agency

Zoom Bomb Comedy!

Great new comedy idea for your virtual event

Veteran comedian Lance Weiss from  MTV, FOX, the Today Show and much more and has teamed up with Joe, to create a new and truly unique comedy experience.  Zoom Bomb Comedy!  It’s a comedy show that is written, tailored and created for each event its a part of.  Its the stand-up comedy you love with a spontaneous and exciting twist!

Each show will feature Joe Larson performing stand-up comedy and at several points during the show, Joe will be interrupted by zoom bomber Lance Weiss resulting in a wild and hilarious exchange.

Some of the ways they have tailored the Zoom Bomb Comedy! for a client:
  • One was a real estate developer and we got pictures of each of their projects.  Each time lance bombed the show the background was one of their projects so it looked like he was there.
  • Another was a restaurant group.  We got one of their menus and in photoshop changed the menu to include some unexpected items that correlated with jokes I had told earlier so it worked as a zoom bomb and a call back.
Virtual Zoom Bomb Comedy Fake Background- Funny Business Agency
Virtual Zoom Bomb Comedy Fake Background

Each client we will have a brainstorming session with so we can come up with these ideas.  Being able to insert photos as background or images on the screen allows them to bring a lot of the client into their show.

Zoom Bomb Comedy Testimonials:

“I can’t say enough about how great Joe and Lance were to collaborate with on this, and the results were terrific!  It has everyone in our group still talking about it.  Lance and Joe really aimed to please and talked through the specific context of this event with me and came up with ingenious and funny ideas tailored to the moment.  And then he executed the Zoombombing with confident comic brilliance. Highly recommended!” -Derek G., Washington, DC
“You don’t have to get stuck in another typical video meeting. Get Joe. Get Lance! That’s an experience.”-Denise, NYC
“The main feedback we got from the team was ‘This sets a high bar for company meetings,’ which makes me feel bad for my own ability to lead meetings, but shows the high bar they set.”
                      -Will, NYC
“Hilarious, silly and so much fun! “ – Steve G , Anabau Enterprises

Golf Outing Comedian

Make your next golf outing unforgettably hilarious and fun by hiring “golf pro” Joe Larson.

Hire Joe Larson

Hire Joe Larson – live or virtual stand up comedian for your next event.

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  • America's Got Talent
  • Laughs on FOX, Tonight Show’s Laugh Squad
  • Finalist: Johnny Carson Great American Comedy Festival
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