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Fabulous Feud Game Show

Corporate Game Show

Fabulous Feud Game Show is an adaptation of the long-running classic game show for corporate events. Gently competitive, unexpectedly gripping and hysterically funny, match your team’s minds to popular opinion in this corporate take on a classic family game show! It is perfect for interactive corporate events like sales meeting entertainment or trade show entertainment.

Feature a Game Show at your Corporate Event

Ever want to be on a TV game show? Now you can with our interactive game shows! We spoof what you see on TV with the Feud, Common Cents (our own Jeopardy game), Idol, and Win it in a Minute. With adjustable stage set ups, lock-out buzzers and custom questions you are sure to have a great time!

Want to let your team experience one of the funniest team building activities? If yes, then this comedy game show could be the answer!

How the Fabulous Feud Works

All teams are presented with a survey item such as: ‘What items would you take to the beach?’ For extra interest, company-specific questions can be devised. This encourages collaboration and reveals the intriguing opinions staff hold about their organization and its people.

The survey items will all have been used in surveys carried out among staff prior to the event. At least 100 answers are collected, and enough to generate at least six different responses. The teams have to guess the ‘highest likelihood’ answers, i.e. those given by the greatest number of people.

This is an excellent game for larger groups, 8-12people can play per round– over 50 people per hour Customize the event by mixing your own questions with ours!

Feud is perfect for events such as sales meetings, award banquets, holiday parties and encourages team building for other types of corporate events as well.

Game Show + DJ

You can book the Fabulous Feud Game Show with an added DJ experience. DJ can play music during a event dinner or as a lead up to the game show.

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